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Anna Faris
Simon Rex
Charlie Sheen
Leslie Nielsen
Pamela Anderson
Jenny McCarthy
Marny Eng.
David Zucker.
Craig Mazin
Pat Proft.
Running Time
84 minutes

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Scary Movie 3
Best entry in the Scary Movie series, but that's hardly a compliment...

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Intrepid newscaster Cindy Campbell must decode a murderous video tape, save her clairvoyant nephew and prevent aliens from taking over the world via Tom Logan's farm, where they've been leaving messages in the corn.

The third instalment of this critic-baiting, cash-swallowing franchise was inevitable. But before you start hiding behind the sofa, the good news is that the Wayans brothers have bailed, leaving 'Airplane!' and 'Naked Gun' guru David Zucker to show them how it should have been done. Well, that's the theory...

In fact, it's almost as if Zucker has forgotten what made his classics click. Where they relied on wit, effective parody and genuinely surreal comic invention, here the emphasis is on shoddy spoofs of films with a limited shelf-life ('The Ring', 'Signs' and - bizarrely - '8 Mile'), depressingly violent slapstick and lewd innuendo.

To be fair, it is intermittently very funny - the cracking prologue with Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy, an inspired piece of bunkum with a news autocue - but Zucker fails to establish a consistent tone, while our heroes, Faris and newcomer Rex, mug charmlessly. Basically, any movie that suffers from a lack of Charlie Sheen has got problems.

Better than the first two (like, duh!), but the hit-miss ratio is still alarmingly lopsided.

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Average user rating for Scary Movie 3
Empire Star Rating

Succeeding at being so enjoyable dumb, you could almost call it clever..

The Ring, Signs, and Matrix get destroyed among others. Although its plain daft you cannot help but find it hilarious. Good for a drunken movie gathering! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by trainedasninja at 17:48, 30 September 2011 | Report This Post


The Scary Movie films aren't exemplary pieces of moviemaking, and everyone knows this, that doesn't mean people don't just want a cheap laugh every now and then. Personally, I thought this was the least of the lot (and by comparison, that's very VERY low). The 'jokes' feel stale and the general feel of the film now feels daft (did it ever feel anything different?) ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by blaud at 15:35, 22 March 2011 | Report This Post

Better than the first 2 piles o'shit ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Zinatam at 17:12, 13 September 2008 | Report This Post

i do not nunderstand why any one likes this it is rubbish ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by casino at 17:26, 06 September 2006 | Report This Post

the appleman is a twat

It was a great movie appleman are you focking stupid. I loved and it is really funny and you apple man are a knobhead. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the seen that too the micky out of 8MILE. I loved it must see. DO NOT PAY ATTECION TO APPLEMAN HE IS A DICK ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by shitmovie at 14:15, 01 September 2006 | Report This Post

An unbelievably funny piece of film. It should have been it the 201 greatest films poll!!! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by huny_monster at 21:35, 16 May 2006 | Report This Post

Easily the best scary movie of them all.

The original was pretty funny, the sequel was not. Scary movie 3 came in 2004 and I was very concerned of the outcome after the catastrophe that was Scary movie 2. In came David Zucker and thankfully he's got rid of most of the the crude jokes and added some funny ones instead. Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielson steal the show by far, Anna Faris's 'Dumb Blonde' act is quite obviously showing it's age. The jokes are a bit 'hit and miss' but when one not -so- funny joke is over, a hilarious joke nea... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by attree123 at 13:44, 17 April 2006 | Report This Post

Scary Movie 3

Easily the best of the 3, this Scary Movie aims at the ring, signs and SImon Cowell. Hialrious. But story is dragging away from its spoofing idea. Is 8 Mile a scary movie then? ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by premierbaron at 22:16, 17 March 2006 | Report This Post


I do like the Scary Movie's but I have to say I think this is the poorest of the 3. I did find it funny in some places but I still found myself wondering when it would finally end! I think they should've stopped after the second movie because, although it wasn't as good as the first, it was still good fun! ... More

Posted by buffy at 19:10, 16 February 2006 | Report This Post


The first one did have a few laughs "Reporting live for Black TV! White folks are dead, we're getting the f**k out of here!", the usual suspects gag. Less said about 2 the better. Three has to be best, purely because of Leslie Neilsen. "Get me the President." "You are the President." "Good. Then I already know about this. Let's order lunch". ... More

Posted by thelimey at 22:32, 15 February 2006 | Report This Post


You cant be serious that movie was terribal, i watched it  twice to make sure that it was shit and could not believe how bad it was. As for the first one from what i can remember it was good. ... More

Posted by theappleman at 20:19, 15 February 2006 | Report This Post


Coming from someone who thought the first one was good?   This was a marked improvement on the first two, and it did vary from giggles to laugh out loud hilarity, but it is really a 3 star movie for coaxing Jerry Zucker out of retirement. ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by Mozza at 17:57, 15 February 2006 | Report This Post


Seriously this is the worst film i have seen in years. The first 2 were good but this one is shit anyone who reads this do not watch this movie it is a waste of life. ... More

Posted by theappleman at 16:36, 15 February 2006 | Report This Post


When eventually persuaded to watch this film with my ever film "fanatic" sister i looked around the house for other things to amuse my self with like scratching at the scerting boards for instance. The film is an abysmal attempt to try to comically enhance the already funny predecessors that worked in that time. The director (possibly in Tahiti right now) keeps going on and on and on and on and on, get it now! About the same hysterics that only work for the original. Scary movie which... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by 00dancal at 15:06, 15 February 2006 | Report This Post

Dire, Dreary Second Sequel That finals to even get a smile from me. Ana Faris tries her best with the tired script but to no avail as the I leave the cinema when the aliens show us how they say hello and goodbye. I'm saying goodbye. I want to kick everyone who made this film in the nuts! ... More

Empire User Rating

Posted by pumpkin_ghost at 19:12, 14 February 2006 | Report This Post


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