Will Smith Considering The Genie Role In Disney's New Aladdin

Will Smith

Will Smith, it would appear, is very ready to take a role in one of Disney's animated-to-live-action conversion job movies, if only he can find the right part. He's already been in (and then out of) talks with Tim Burton for Dumbo, but Deadline reports that he is now circling the role of the Genie in the new version of Aladdin.

Guy Ritchie is the man somewhat unexpectedly aboard to bring the live-action version of the musical movie to life. John August has written the script, which once again follows the young thief, Princess Jasmine and calculating Jafar in the story of a magic lamp and three powerful wishes.

Of course, following in the footsteps – or voice steps, at least – of Robin Williams' beloved animated genie won't be the easiest task, but Smith has the star wattage, comedy chops and musical past to at least put his own stamp on the role. But we'd caution that, like the Dumbo idea, this is still very much at an early stage and could still fall apart.

Ritchie has been conducting a wide casting net, looking to avoid controversies and criticism, and the film should be starting its shoot this July in the UK with a six-month production schedule planned.

Smith will next be seen in David Ayer's Bright, due to hit Netflix in December.

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