There's Crazy Money To Be Made In The Red Band Trailer For The House

The first trailer for Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler's new comedy The House landed back in February. Now here comes the red band variant, with a few new jokes and some crazier moments you can't away with in regular trailers, even if you can watch both online...

Poehler and Ferrell here play parents Kate and Scott Johnansen, who are delighted that their daughter Alex (Ryan Simpkins) has been accepted to college. But admit talk of sexy time to avoid empty nest syndrome comes the dawning realisation... they have to pay for her education; and they've lost her college fund.

The answer, dubious as it might be, comes from their neighbour Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), who suggests that they team up to run an illegal suburban casino in his spacious house. And, of course things get out of hand – literally in the case of one visitor the trio suspects of cheating.

Written by Bad Neighbours duo Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien and directed by Cohen, The House will betting big at UK cinemas on 30 June.