Two new Kong: Skull Island posters highlight the giant ape

We're close enough now to the launch of the latest Kong: Skull Island trailer that you can probably hear the big guy himself stomping his way towards us. But until the latest look at the film lands, human co-stars Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson have thoughtfully tweeted new posters that put Kong front and centre.

Kong: Skull Island posters

The first shows him towering over troops and, well, pretty much everything else as director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and his team strive to remind us that this is a much bigger gorilla than even the likes of Peter Jackson's Kong, which is necessary since the plan is for him to share the screen with Godzilla, who in the 2014 movie was a real behemoth.

Kong: Skull Island posters

And then the second goes in for a close-up as Kong gives a hovering chopper the evil eye, looking like he's about to grab it and use it for a toothpick.

This new Kong is a '70s-set adventure that seees an expedition headed to the mysterious island, where the explorers encounter some very, very strange creatures. This is a place, after all, where giant throwbacks to a more primordial time lurk. Samuel L. Jackson's Lieutenant Colonel Packard claims it's time to show them that "man is king", but good luck with that.

Kong: Skull Island will be out in the UK on 10 March.

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