Toby Kebbell To Play Twins In Extrasensory

Toby Kebbell

He may be best known for movies where you never see his actual face (such as Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and Warcraft), but Toby Kebbell scores plenty of jobs where he doesn't have to don performance capture suits. And there'll be double the trouble from him now that he's on to play twins in Extrasensory.

The new sci-fi thriller comes from the team who crafted the panic-inducing BBC faux documentary Ghostwatch back in 1992. Lesley Manning is directing from Stephen Volk's script, and the story finds Kebbell as brothers who are recruited for a top secret experiment in Soviet Russia. We're betting this one won't A) feature Michael Parkinson and B) generate the same level of complaints.

The Martian's Harry Gregson Williams has written the score and Film Cymru Wales is providing support for the film, which should kick off shooting in October.

Kebbell, last seen in Kong: Skull Island and Sand Castle, will next pop up in heist thriller Category 5, which was shot last year.