Deadpool Director Tim Miller To Tackle Neuromancer

Tim Miller

He may not be making the sequel to hit super-anti-hero movie Deadpool and he's a man in high demand, but Tim Miller is finding a way to stay in business with 20th Century Fox. He's now attached to make the adaptation of William Gibson's iconic 1986 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.

While it had been a passion project of more than one filmmaker in the past – Splice director Vincenzo Natali among them – it's now in the hands of Fox, which is starting to look for a writer to take on the unenviable task of adapting the book. The story involves junkie hacker Case, who, as punishment for some ill-advised thievery, has had his nervous system sabotaged by a mycotoxin that prevents him from "jacking in" to cyberspace. He's offered a cure by shady ex-military spook Armitage, provided he participates in a none-more-secret mission against the powerful Tessier-Ashpool family and the sinister A.I. Wintermute. Along the way he encounters post-human icons like the technologically modified assassin Molly and the bodiless consciousness Dixie the Flatline.

This is just one project that Miller is developing at the moment – there's also Influx bubbling away and the not-so-inconsequential fact that he's James Cameron's chosen director to handle a new Terminator film, which should be shooting next year.