Tim Minchin To Be Friar Tuck For Robin Hood: Origins

Tim Minchin

Though he might be better known as the musical genius behind stage shows based on Matilda and Groundhog Day, Tim Minchin has plenty of acting credits on his CV. He's adding another, nabbing the role of Friar Tuck in Robin Hood: Origins.

Taron Egerton is preparing to play the lead role of the legendary (and already oft-filmed) outlaw who returns from the Crusades and battles the corrupt likes of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn here) while helping the locals survive.

Origins has been building an eclectic cast so far, including Jamie Foxx on as Little John, Eve Hewson as Maid Marian and Jamie Dornan playing Will Scarlet. Who is traditionally more known for his musical abilities than Tuck, but perhaps they're going in a different direction with everyone. We firmly expect King John to be played by the bear from The Revenant.

Otto Bathurst will direct the film in Budapest this year, aiming at a 23 March 2018 release in the States with no confirmed date for the UK just yet.

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