Sam Raimi Circling A Bermuda Triangle Film

Sam Raimi

Ready for the battle of the Bermuda Triangle? No, not a war on the supernatural proposed by America's current administration: three companies are developing movies about the mysterious zone in the Caribbean and Skydance has Sam Raimi in talks to direct its effort.

Given the competition over the subject matter – Warner Bros. and Universal are the two teams also looking to make something based on the idea – details on the potential project are strictly under wraps. According to The Hollywood Reporter, directorial candidates were summoned to Skydance's offices to read Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard's latest draft of the script and have no doubt all been fitted with poison pellets and tracking devices even if they didn't show any interest.

It remains to be seen if Raimi takes the job, but given his predilection for the paranormal, we could see him attracted to a film about that strange patch of the Caribbean where numerous ships and plans have gone missing through the years. Skydance is eager to have the movie in production after years of development, which included trying to convince Johnny Depp (no stranger to water-based weirdness) to star in 2013. And if it can land Rami, perhaps this take on the idea can get out ahead of the others...