Robert Downey Jr. and True Detective's Nic Pizzolatto developing new HBO drama

Robert Downey Jr. and Nic Pizzolatto

One is the career-resurgent main man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The other is the writer/producer who brought us True Detective. Can Robert Downey Jr. and Nic Pizzolatto make a great show together? HBO wants to find out.

According to Variety, the pair is in talks for a new drama at the American cable network, which the company will no doubt be hoping could eventually lead to another successful series, especially with its roster shrinking once Game Of Thrones finally wraps up.

Actual story details are naturally thin on the ground right now since the show is at an early stage, but it may well be the next evolution of the Perry Mason reboot that Downey Jr. and wife/producing partner Susan Downey had been aiming at cinema screens. The man behind Tony Stark would star in the series, marking his first major TV role since Ally McBeal.

As for Pizzolatto, he had a big hit with the first season of True Detective, but saw the second face harsher critical notices and less audience enthusiasm. While Detective appears to be in limbo for now, this would represent something else for him to work on.