Nicole Kidman And Amara Karan Circling The Intouchables Remake

Nicole Kidman and Amara Karan

Though it evokes apprehension that a remake is even necessary, let alone wise, The Weinstein Company is pushing ahead on an Americanised version of French hit The Intouchables. Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart have taken the lead roles and now The Night Of's Amara Karan is making a deal to join them, with Nicole Kidman also in early talks for a part.

Neil Burger has the director's chair for the film, which has its roots in the true story of an aristocrat (Francois Cluzet in the original) who is paralyzed in a hang-gliding accident. He hires an unexpected helper in the shape of a young man from the projects (Omar Sy, offering a performance that helped bring him to Hollywood's attention).

Jon Hartmere has apparently come up with a fresh spin on the story, with Cranston as the rich guy and Hart the aide. Karan is on board to play Maggie, Cranston's assistant, while Kidman would be Yvonne, another aide.

Kidman has Oscar-tipped drama Lion arriving in the UK on 20 January and will also be seen in this year's new HBO miniseries, Big Little Lies, which will be seen here on Sky Atlantic. The Intouchables should represent Karan's next project.