Mads Mikkelsen On For Survival Thriller Arctic

Mads Mikkelsen

After spending a few seasons on TV as a cannibal with Hannibal, dabbling in dark magic for Doctor Strange and helping to design the Death Star in Rogue One, Mads Mikkelsen is off to face a very different challenge. He's starring in survival thriller Arctic.

Joe Penna is directing the film from the script he wrote with Ryan Morrison, and Arctic will find Mikkelsen's character stranded, as the title suggests, in the Arctic. He's encouraged to see that rescue is on the way, but then tragedy strikes.

His choice is then whether to stay in the relative safety of his camp or head out into treacherous terrain and potentially deadly freezing conditions in the hope of salvation.

Penna is rolling the cameras now, and should be on screens either later this year or next, with rights for sale at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival market.

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