Keanu Reeves And Isla Fisher Head For The Starling

Keanu Reeves and Isla Fisher

Currently to be found kicking every ass within a three-mile radius in John Wick: Chapter Two, Keanu Reeves is considering swapping heart-punching for heart-breaking, entering talks to co-star with Isla Fisher in The Starling.

Dome Karukoski is on to direct the film, and will work from a script by Matt Harris. The Starling will see a married couple losing a child. The wife goes to a recovery centre to work on her grief, leaving her husband alone at home. Throwing himself into a project he hopes will help them both, he decides to build a beautiful garden at their home, only to find his work interrupted by an aggressive starling. Instead of taking the Wick way and dishing out a swift kick up the beak, the man consults a vet to see if he can find some humane way to get rid of it, but the medical professional he visits turns out to be a former psychologist who helps the husband deal with the situation as much as he offers advice on the bird.

Reeves is still just circling this one, while Fisher has locked in a deal to co-star. With John Wick's sequel still doing great business at the box office, Reeves has To The Bone and Replicas headed our way. Fisher, most recently seen in Nocturnal Animals, has several projects in development.

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