New Logan Found Footage Clip Heads To The Lab

If the trailers (and Empire's own extensive set visit piece) tell the world anything about Logan, it's that you should not expect a wise-cracking romp. This one promises to go dark, and more proof of that is offered in a chilling new clip, as originally tweeted by director James Mangold.

This is the closest tie yet to the comics background of the character Laura, played by Dafne Keen in the film, a young woman who needs Logan's (Hugh Jackman) help when she's hunted down by dark forces who have their own plans. We'd caution spoilers ahead for those unfamiliar with the comic book history, or simply wishing to maintain the surprises and connections lurking within.

Laura, of course, is X-23, a mutant cloned from Wolverine's own DNA, and boasting many of his abilities including accelerated healing and considerable strength/agility. She's also cursed with adamantium claws - two in each hand and more in her feet. In the footage, we see the medical experiments that gave her the claws in particular, and the emotional trauma that results.

Logan promises to be unlike any of the previous X-Men movies, and also features the likes of Patrick Stewart (as an aged, deteriorating Professor Xavier), Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook and Richard E. Grant. It'll arrive in UK cinemas on 1 March ahead of a 3 March US release. For more on the movie, pick up the current issue of Empire.

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