Discussions And Debris Appear In The Next Batch Of Game Of Thrones Images

How do you follow an episode like The Spoils Of War? We'll find out for certain when the next hour (potentially plus) of Game Of Thrones, titled Eastwatch, airs this weekend. But for now, and unless you're worried about any potential spoilers, have a look at some of the images released from the show.

From the looks of the images alone, there will be more scenes of characters in conversation, plus the fallout from Spoils (you can read our review of that blistering episode right here), but after Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) brought the heat, the chances are that things will cool down a little. That said, with the shortened season, we are racing towards the finale in just a couple of weeks after this one airs, so expect big things to keep happening. And, of course, the show's makers never release pictures of the really pivotal scenes until after the episode has arrived.

For now, though, we can expect both Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Jon (Kit Harington) to have concerned about Daenerys going forward, some likely backlash from Cersei and a visit with Sam and Gilly (it's perhaps not surprising that they were absent last week).

Eastwatch, Thrones' fifth episode of its seventh season, will be on screens this Sunday, with the usual repeat on Monday.