The New Twin Peaks Arrives In May

Twin Peaks

Though he might have preferred to pull a Beyonce (or, in screen terms, a Brit Marling) and have the new Twin Peaks series simply appear with little to no warning, David Lynch is bound by the needs of the channel carrying his revived visit to the weird American town. Thus we now know that the new, 18-episode run will debut in the States on 21 May.

In the States, the revival is carried by Showtime, which is planning to air a two-hour premiere before making the third and fourth episodes available on its streaming services. Here in the UK, Sky Atlantic will carry the episodes, so we're hopeful that the return will be screened around the same day or just after.

With Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost back on script duty and the director handling all 18 episodes, the story will pick up 25 years since we left the characters. And the new story has 217 actors in its sprawling cast, led as always by Kyle MacLachlan with a blend of original faces and new recruits. So while it has felt like an eternity waiting for the new episodes, we're just a few months away now...

The series got an extra little teaser just before Christmas, featuring Lynch as Gordon Cole, the FBI Regional Bureau Chief and snack aficionado he's played in the show's past...

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