Charlie Hunnam and Lea Seydoux on for new romance movie

Charlie Hunnam and Lea Seydoux

Director Drake Doremus likes love stories, but always with a twist, as in films such as Like Crazy and his most recent job, sci-fi drama Equals. He's got another romance cooking, and has Charlie Hunnam and Lea Seydoux in place to star.

The new movie is so far without a title, and indeed, beyond the fact that Doremus will call the shots from a screenplay by Rich Greenberg, not much about it has been released. The Hollywood Reporter was able to dig up that it's a "unique love story", but that's about it. so far. And with no name to offer we a clue, we can only wildly speculate that Hunnam is playing a centaur and Seydoux a warrior woman who falls for his flocking horsey locks and strong moral code. Or Seydoux is a building and Hunnam's new tenant realises he loves her?

Admittedly, we doubt it'll be that unique, but Doremus can usually be relied upon to find something fresh to say about love. Equals, however, has yet to lock down a UK release.

Hunnam will next be seen in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, which recently put out its first trailer. As for Seydoux, she has Xavier Dolan's It's Only The End Of The World awaiting a release slot here.

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