Donald Sutherland Joins Ad Astra

Donald Sutherland

With Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones and, most recently, Ruth Negga recruited for sci-fi tale Ad Astra, the cast for James Gray's latest just continues to grow. Donald Sutherland is the latest to step aboard.

Gray co-wrote the script with Ethan Gross, and a few nuggets of information about the film have escaped from the soundless vacuum of space, albeit ones that could evolve during the movie's journey to the screen. The plot reportedly sees space engineer Roy McBride (Pitt) heading out into the solar system 20 years after his father (Jones) left on a one-way mission to Neptune, aiming to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence. Now Roy is looking to track down what happened to his father, with the story apparently boasting a Heart Of Darkness-in-space vibe and some talk of a threat from the dad.

As for Sutherland, we don't yet know what role he'll be playing in the movie, which is gearing up to shoot shortly. But he will be seen in The Leisure Seeker and is part of the cast for Danny Boyle's Getty kidnap drama Trust.