Gus Fring Returns For A New Better Call Saul Video

While Better Call Saul has, for the most part, preferred to establish its own identity away from its ties to parent series Breaking Bad, the connections are inevitable. And the sneaky producers left a clue about one big link, teasing the return of Giancarlo Esposito's charming drug kingpin and fast food mogul Gus Fring in both the story and the first letter of last season's episodes. And now a promotional video is online for his restaurant franchise...

It's a fun little piece; ostensibly an ad for Los Pollos Hermanos, there's plenty of subtext to be found lurking within. And, of course, we know through Breaking Bad that Saul (AKA Jimmy McGill, played as ever by Bob Odenkirk) had ties to Fring well before Walter White (Bryan Cranston) happened along.

So now it appears we'll get to see how they actually meet and what happened in those early days. Plus it means that Esposito is bringing one of his best characters back to screens. Can't wait. Better Call Saul will be back in the spring on AMC in the States and via Netflix in the UK.

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