The Dodgeball Gang Is Reuniting For A Charity Event

Charity competitions around big movies have become very popular of late, with people including Robert Downey Jr. and the Star Trek Beyond crew offering incentives such as set visits and premiere invites to those who donate. Now one of the biggest charity offering organisers, Omaze, has the Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story team ready to reunite for an event. Check out the video below featuring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Justin Long and more.

While this does not represent a new Dodgeball movie in production (a sequel to the 2004 original has been proposed, but has yet to materialise), it'll culminate in a charity dodgeball tournament where entrants have the chance to win places either on White Goodman's (Stiller) Globo Gym or Peter La Fleur's (Vaughn) Average Joes team and compete for victory, or possibly death. Wrenches will be thrown...

With Christine Taylor, Jamal Duff and Missi Pyle among those taking part, there's always a chance that the cast reuniting might just spur fresh movement on a sequel, but for now, it's just fun to see Goodman and the gang spur. You can head here to enter and help The Stiller Foundation, which supports global child education.