Mama's Andy Muschietti Heads To Robotech

Andres and Barbara Muschietti

It's a busy week for director Andres "Andy" Muschietti in terms of new jobs. Over the weekend, word broke that he would be taking over the TV adaptation of comic book series Locke & Key. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's landed the job of directing Robotech for Sony.

On the development deck for more than a decade, Robotech, which took three separate Japanese anime series and combined them with re-edited and dubbed into a series that could run as a daily 'toon in the States and elsewhere, is set at a time when Earth has developed a series of giant robots, using technology from an alien spacecraft that crashed in the South Pacific. When an alien civilisation attempts to invade Earth, the fightback centres around two young pilots, who must harness the technology and save the world. You could argue that Pacific Rim brought this idea to life with all the clunking, piloted robo-power anyone could need, but Hollywood is still feeling the need for this one.

The concept has been passed between Warners and other studios, with Sony now hiring Muschietti (and creative partner/sibling Barbara) to develop the idea further and direct, working alongside producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton. Though the company has this one on a fast track, there's still a matter of finding someone fresh to write the script.

Muschietti has the first of two new planned films adapted from Stephen King's It due out on 8 September.

Andy Muschietti To Take Over Directing TV's New Locke & Keye