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15 November 2013
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)
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New Empire Hobbit Cover
You wants it...

28 January 2009  |  Written by Chris Hewitt  

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January is, statistically speaking, the most miserable of months. It’s cold, it’s dark, and Moira Stuart is forever banging on about paying your tax bill by the 31st, or Mr. Taxman will be round to cut off a pound, or three, of flesh.

So here at Empire, we feel it’s our duty to cheer you up – and what better way than by presenting to you our brand new issue, which should be hitting newsagent and supermarket shelves near you any… second… now.

Inside, you’ll find all kinds of cheery tonics, such as our horror overload, featuring Bruce Campbell, Freddy and Jason, the Wolfman’s Emily Blunt, and the Lesbian Vampire Killers, and our lovely look at the individuals who make up the Watchmen.

But pride of place – on our cover and in our hearts – is our big special on The Hobbit. What’s that, you say? It’s not even out for two years? Well, yes, but inside our special feature, you’ll find a one-stop shop of information on the films that may be the most anticipated of the next few years.

Exclusive: New Empire Hobbit Cover
Click cover to enlarge

Inside, we’ll tell you how the film finally became a reality after years languishing in tangled rights hell; why Peter Jackson stepped aside from directing; what might be contained in the mooted second movie; and just what director Guillermo del Toro has in store for the whole shebang.

Here’s a taster of our exclusive interview with del Toro: “Whatever The Hobbit ends up being, it has to ultimately blend seamlessly into the first movie of the trilogy. We have to respect the cosmology and the canon established by the trilogy and follow it.”

For more from del Toro, and more on The Hobbit, pick up the March issue of Empire – on sale Friday.

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Your Comments

Loved the cover - it has just increased the anticipation of the film - eventhough we have still got ages to wait!!! More

Posted by Laura T at 13:51 on 03 February 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Exclusive: New Empire Hobbit Cover
That's fucking ridiculous. Two years away! Give us a break from this tedious garbage. God knows you're coverage nearer the time will be utterly sycophantic. More

Posted by elzupasmonkey at 19:56 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Exclusive: New Empire Hobbit Cover
New Empire Hobbit cover. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I  can't contain myself. I hope the film is just as good More

Posted by kargon at 16:25 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Rather wrapped!!
L: Drew_231 'Lets make up an entire second film, dont worry most of the fans are idiots and will watch it anyway as long as we have some shiney graphics!!!' ink to where that quote was taken from? What?  You mean nobody has actually said such a ridiculous statement?  Hmm, so I wonder what prompted you to say it? Are you a natural cynic or do you think it's just 'cool' to make huge massive ASSumptions based on nothing but your own negative worldview. They've clearly More

Posted by KeithM at 14:23 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Rather wrapped!!
Sorry but I already dislike this movie 'Lets make up an entire second film, dont worry most of the fans are idiots and will watch it anyway as long as we have some shiney graphics!!!' The Hobbit is a quaint little childrens book. Blowing it up into some massive epic is exactly what went wrong with the Narnia films. More

Posted by Drew_231 at 13:59 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Rather wrapped!!
Surely the "Exclusive" that Empire is referring to is the exclusive news that their next cover has The Hobbit on it. Like they are reporting this news when no-one else is. I dont think they are claiming that the artwork itself is exclusive are they? If they were then wouldn't the headline read New Exclusive Empire Hobbit cover rather than Exclusive: New Empire Hobbit Cover? More

Posted by Jayseph at 12:22 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Rather wrapped!!
has anyone got any evidence to suggest that it isnt new art? granted its not a great sign that we cant tell immediately but still... More

Posted by adambatman82 at 10:44 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

Rather wrapped!!
Having missed out on the really early Fellowship exclusive, when my life was in turmoil, but that's not for this site (!), I'm really rather wrapped that I can now get involved in The Hobbit from the start. The Gollum pic may have been lifted from TTT & the articles may be re-vamps of news already printed on this very site, but hey - it's still exciting. And when they finally announce who is to play the titular role, the fun can really begin! (I will be throwing huge tantrums though if Vi More

Posted by Halfling at 09:15 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

RE: FAN-tastic
It's not that people aren't happy to see gollum. The LOTR Trilogy are amazing, and Gollum is one of my favourite characters, it's just, i don't think it's fair, to label the photo an exclusive, and everything mentioned in the news item, about the contents of the article, has surely been in previous issues of empire, no? If there was new stuff, I'd be the first to wanna know, and would be bowing down to empire from sun up to sun set, but if it's all just rehashed info from previous issues, More

Posted by crazymoviesdude at 08:10 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

Don't listen to these freaks who harp on about your cover. Is it from LOTR? Or The Hobit? I don't give a fuck. All I know is that Empire is the fucken greatest movie mag in this Underverse, and a picture of Gollum, with articles of the upcoming Peter Jackson/Guillermo del Toro movie excites not only myself, but my inner soul as well. You FAN, Holo14 More

Posted by Halo14 at 05:12 on 29 January 2009 | Report This Post

And it is Preciousss. Been reading Empire consistently since Catwoman cover of 1992. Longest ever relationship!!!! More

Posted by boredbluekoala at 23:22 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Exclusive cover? It looks like it could've been taken from either TTT or ROTK! HAHAHAHA. More

Posted by darko18 at 21:26 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Empire magazine
Just bought the issue. ANother good exclusive from Empire. Keep it up guys More

Posted by Blue Ryan at 17:24 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

is the artwork for the cover not brand new? i thought it was. More

Posted by adambatman82 at 17:23 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Indeed, I can't see anything exclusive about the cover, and though I can;t be sure, what is the article gonna tell us that is really that revalationary, Second thing, Hughezy, you might be a member of the Elite, but maybe, don't use the rudest of rude words, when there could be kids roaming. More

Posted by crazymoviesdude at 16:13 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Can't we have a nice pair of tits for once? More

Posted by UTB at 14:42 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Finally som news on the Parnasuss movie! That's a anticipated movie all right!:D More

Posted by Albertine at 14:32 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

Empire you sneaky monkeys!
i was thinking it was gonna be some cover story on fucking Watchmen or Terminator 4 (yes, i'm still calling it that) but i honestly didn't see this one coming. can't wait to read it/go straight to the part at the back with the photos of the pronos and let on like i can read! More

Posted by Hughezy at 14:19 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

'Exclusive'? NO.
so, EXCULSIVE: New EMPIRE Hobbitt Cover? nah, that's an old promo shot of Gollum from a few years back. what's so exclusive about that? Blatant false advertising and laziness on your part. More

Posted by Snake-Eyes at 14:18 on 28 January 2009 | Report This Post

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