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14 February 2008  |  Written by Olly Richards  

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Wait, this is not what's supposed to happen. The end of the writers' strike is supposed to mean that projects happen quicker, not that already shooting ones get delayed. So why in the universe has Paramount decided to bump JJ Abrams' Star Trek from its Christmas Day US release date to May 8, 2009?

Well, we don't know, and their reasoning is strange, but this will be a big blow for fans. It'll also mean that we in the UK might not get it until even later. Paramount says that the move is to maximise the business potential of a summer release, which we can see makes some sense, but Christmas is just as profitable if the film's good (maybe they were put off by the tanking of The Golden Compass, which was expected to hit big over the festive season?). It also puts the film in direct competition with Wolverine and Angels and Demons, which are hardly slouches in the box office potential stakes.

But, hey, these decisions are being made by greater minds than ours and if a few months longer to wait means the final product will be perfected, then we're happy to sit it out. We still think it's a bit odd, though.

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Your Comments

RE: DVD sales
L: Hughezy i'll tell you why the film has been pushed back to the Summer, it's so that the DVD is out for Xmas so that the bastards can make more money. agree this is highly likelysomething at least in the back of their minds. Still I wouold rather them put out something that is worthy of all the hype as i don't want to see this as Trek XI. Hopefully the "relaunch" will actually benefit from the summer release. More

Posted by Tombo1983 at 09:41 on 17 February 2008 | Report This Post

DVD sales
i'll tell you why the film has been pushed back to the Summer, it's so that the DVD is out for Xmas so that the bastards can make more money. More

Posted by Hughezy at 10:59 on 16 February 2008 | Report This Post

Actually don't mind the wait
It's been forever since a competent Star Trek film hit theaters in the summer. I guess since Paramount considered Star Trek slow poison over the last few sequels, off-season releases dates were adequate. This is a good thing that Star Trek is considered strong enough to compete with summer blockbusters once again (Star Trek 2 & 3 summer releases were a LONG time ago). My only request is that it were a June or July release date just for anticipation. May 8 is still a bit timid - not quite More

Posted by hi scifi at 21:59 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Annoying but if they need the script to be better, then make it so. Abrams has mentioned his frustrations with being on set directing and thinking up better lines but not being able to use them due to the strike.  More

Posted by Dirty Hartigan at 18:43 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

L: clarkkent yeah, im gonna guess script re writes are the main reason. And as for the 'greater minds than ours?' are you fucking kidding. Most studio execs havent got a braincell between them love this kind of thinking. I am willing to bet that you have never met a "studio exec", Clark. More

Posted by Wilbert at 18:19 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. damn More

Posted by jackjaw at 14:27 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Well I'm so pumped this, but it'll be hard to think of it coming out in May 2009 rather than Christmas. More

Posted by doctorolorinbats1975 at 11:53 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

yeah, im gonna guess script re writes are the main reason. And as for the 'greater minds than ours?' are you fucking kidding. Most studio execs havent got a braincell between them More

Posted by clarkkent at 11:26 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Script rewrites?
There were rumours that JJ Abrams didn't like certain parts of the script - but because of the strike wasn't able to get them rewritten. So, now that the strike is over, maybe they decided to take a few months extra to get the script right first? More

Posted by dronkula at 10:47 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

The needs of the many, out weight the needs of the few....
Can't say I'm not disappointed but if pushing back gives the film makers time to make it truly great as well as leading to bigger box office potential, I can't moan too much. The needs of the many, out weight the needs of the few. Or the one. More

Posted by Timon at 10:14 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

without getting a barrage of hate mail from trekkie fans, this really is a niche sector of films, i mean i love sci-fi and you don't necessarily have to like star trek, and whilst the idea of JJ Abrams directing piques my interest, i was suprised to see when I went to watch Cloverfield (great film by the way) that as soon as that trailer popped up, the jam packed room of young and older people alike simply grunted and moaned (me included!) at the idea of a follow up/sequel. So for me, not the mo More

Posted by darioattanasio at 09:55 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Cloverfield wasn't given a summer release... I think there is a bigger reason... I think paramount want to push out a sequal or even keeps this to yourselves... a prequal to Cloverfield:Origin. More

Posted by whitelighter at 09:46 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Reasons for a wait
It's either looking so good that a summer release is best for it, or it's shaping up disappointingly enough to need loads more work on it (I'm not entirely sure I trust JJ Abrams handling the Star Trek world…). More

Posted by olirog at 09:45 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Oh well.
I'm sure us non-Trekkies don't really mind... Still though, it should be quite awesome. More

Posted by Carrzy at 09:39 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Hey - gives them time to sneak Bill Shatner in!
Maybe they figured out how to work older Kirk in to the script... More

Posted by Primus at 09:26 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

Boo, was looking forward to Christmas! More

Posted by steveg66 at 09:24 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

It's obvious really
It's been well noted that they've wanted to do some script work but have been unable to because of the strike. They obviously dont have enough confidence in what they've got really, so theyre pushing it back to bring it up to scratch. Cant blame them really. Once the film is out there its put up or shut up time. More

Posted by The Todge at 09:15 on 14 February 2008 | Report This Post

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