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Gremlins (2012)
Empire Star Rating
Gremlins (2012)
Empire Star Rating
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)
Empire Star Rating
Dark Shadows (2012)
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Gremlins 2: The New Batch
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Gremlins Shifts Into Reboot Mode
Seth Grahame-Smith producing

13 May 2013  |  Written by James White  |  Source: Bloody Disgusting

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Here’s a story likely to get blood boiling and sharp fangs gnashing. According to an attribution-free story at Bloody Disgusting, Warner Bros. has decided to switch long-bubbling plans to work up a Gremlins sequel and is instead throwing a reboot into the development swimming pool.

Likely to cause further consternation is word that Dark Shadows writer/producer Seth Grahame-Smith and producing partner David Katzenberg – already raiding the back catalogues for a new Beetlejuice film – are on board to oversee this one. There's no word on whether Grahame-Smith also plans to write the script.

Of course, it’s very early days, with no writers or directors attached and not a hint as to casting. The Joe Dante original (and its less respected, but still incredibly fun sequel) hold a special place in lots of cinema-goers' hearts. So naturally the idea of a reboot is likely to cause concern. Still, we’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out – and let’s all remember that we’ve been down this road before…

For those who fondly recall Dante’s movies, take a listen to our Pod-chat with Gremlins leading legend and core defender Zach Galligan… 

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Your Comments

Yawn. Hollywood yawn. More

Posted by mancalledpete at 22:57 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Bring Back Phoebe Cates!
Phoebe Cates was extremely hot in the original and she's disappeared from movies. Even if she's old now, I still definitely would. Give her a cameo, I say (preferably telling another stupid story like her traumatic Santa one in the original that was rightly parodied in the sequel.) More

Posted by BenTramer at 18:09 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Oy - that's my picture!
Et tu Empire? You probably didn't know, just grabbed it off Googles but that's my very entirely completely CGI image you've used but managed to remove my credit. It can be seen in full here: No problem really, just wanna get my creds. More

Posted by Mattoo at 14:24 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Oy - that's my picture!
Et tu Empire? You probably didn't know, just grabbed it off Googles but that's my very entirely completely CGI image you've used but managed to remove my credit. It can be seen in full here: No problem really, just wanna get my creds. More

Posted by Mattoo at 14:00 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Oy - that's my picture!
yawn More

Posted by Discodez at 13:48 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Oy - that's my picture!
Et tu Empire? You probably didn't know, just grabbed it off Googles but that's my very entirely completely CGI image you've used but managed to remove my credit. It can be seen in full here: No problem really, just wanna get my creds. More

Posted by Mattoo at 13:42 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

This is what happens when execs don't watch movies ...
... Steven Soderbergh was right. You get execs at the top of studios who don't even watch movies for pleasure and so all the remakes and reboots are of movies that they've heard of, but the public don't want to see remade because the choice is too obvious and naff. Time to start looking in the vaults for the interesting films that nobody's seen for 30 years and remake them instead. The idea of a Gremlins reboot makes me not give a shit and I won't be seeing it at the theatre. Been there, done th More

Posted by Nicky C at 10:51 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Please no, the Gremlins will probably look like alvin and the chipmunks 3D.. And Dark Shadows was one of the worst movies of last year so I'm even more worried.. More

Posted by Chronicle at 09:57 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

how does this make me feel??
I'll tell ya shall I? it makes me feel that the beast of mediocrity that is mainstream Hollywood has taken another step closer to the hallowed ground of Indiana Jones, Jaws and Back to the Future. Seriously, think about what you want world! People will go and see this shit and accept it as the norm. It's just lazy and depressing. the thing is though, they wouldn't do this sort of thing unless we bought the tickets! Back when I were a lad there was a joke going round about who bought Shakin More

Posted by leroythemasochist at 08:03 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Oh, fuck off
No way this no-doubt soulless piece of crap is getting my money. I dread to hear the arguments for doing it all CG that we'll have to endure in the coming months. Even when I was a kid I could see that they were puppets, but I didn't care. I was intelligent enough to know that films aren't real, but my suspension of disbelief and the power of the story swept me away. If Joe Dante were shepherding this, I might cut it some slack, but this just seems like another cynical lazy cash-grab, exploiting More

Posted by Garth_Marenghi at 02:35 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Reboot Reboot
Can these studios not come up with fresh ideas? Next thing we'll be hearing that Critters is getting rebooted More

Posted by Hugh_Fran at 01:09 on 14 May 2013 | Report This Post

Do a bloody Sequel!!!
Im not sure if a reboot will work for this classic, I welcome a sequel but in ways it would be like remaking Jaws I bet they get Jackie Chan to play Mr. Wing! More

Posted by retranimator at 23:22 on 13 May 2013 | Report This Post

Why oh why???
No doubt this will probably star some annoying boy band lookalikes, have an overload of crap CGI and have non of the charm of the original! More

Posted by dannyfletch at 21:18 on 13 May 2013 | Report This Post


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