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Mads Mikkelsen In Talks For Thor 2
As a villain... But which one?

25 May 2012  |  Written by James White  |  Source: Variety

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Mads Mikkelsen In Talks For Thor 2

Double dip day over at the Marvel casting offices continues with word that Thor 2 is in the process of recruiting a new villain. Not content with taking on James Bond in Casino Royale, Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to tangle with Asgard’s favourite son in the superhero sequel.

What this means is that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will crop up very briefly, then be seen disappearing over a golden cliff in a ball of flame…. JUST KIDDING, HIDDLESTONERS! According to Variety, everyone’s favourite god of mischief will still be causing problems for everyone, but if Mikkelsen locks in a deal, Loki’ll have some help.

Exactly which villain Mikkelsen is up for has yet to be revealed. Thor has an extensive rogues gallery, so he could be anything – Executioner, Mangog, Mephisto… Give us your best guess in the comments below or in the Twitsphere.

Most of the original cast are scheduled to return alongside Empire Award-winner / Army leader Hiddleston, including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Joshua Dallas and Rene Russo.

Game Of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor is directing, working from a script by Don Payne and Robert Rodat. The film will hit our screens in November 2013.

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Your Comments

RE: Thank god for new baddie
Cast ALL the scandinavian actors! (insert meme picture here) More

Posted by grucl at 08:55 on 30 May 2012 | Report This Post

RE: Thank god for new baddie
Great news. Loved the first one: Maads is a brilliant actor. One great thing + another great thing always =  2 x a great thing.............right? More

Posted by st3veebee at 14:06 on 28 May 2012 | Report This Post

Thank god for new baddie
Sick to death of Hiddleston's one note gurning. More

Posted by musebaby at 22:53 on 26 May 2012 | Report This Post

A Great underused actor!
Mikklesen is an excellent actor and to be honest I am growing tired of Hiddlestone's Loki and feel his presence would be a breath of fresh air. He is one of the best Bond villian's and the meanest and badest Viking in Valhalla Rising. A much underused actor who deserves more recognition! More

Posted by dannyfletch at 17:47 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Watch out Hemsworth ... he'll rip your guts out.
Have you seen Valhalla Rising? The dude is mean, man! More

Posted by Nicky C at 13:21 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Actaully I was more angry than scared; I do not take kindly to any slight against Hiddleston; HIDDLESTONERS LET THEM HAVE IT! More

Posted by dgribble at 13:12 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Johnny Pusher
Mads plays a great villain. I thought Casino Royal fell apart when he got killed off. More

Posted by burtbondy at 11:21 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

He's certainly pretty handy with a sword. More

Posted by thepluginbaby at 08:28 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Agree! More

Posted by danclay77 at 07:30 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Still wish Kenneth Branagh was returning to direct... More

Posted by AlphaOneZero at 07:23 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Don't scare me like that! XD
Don't scare me and the all the other Hiddlestoners like that! I nearly had a heart attack!!! More

Posted by IHaveAnArmy at 05:21 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Don't scare me like that! XD
Don't scare me and the all the other Hiddlestoners like that! I nearly had a heart attack!!! More

Posted by IHaveAnArmy at 05:20 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

Don't scare me and the all the other Hiddlestoners like that! I nearly had a heart attack!!! More

Posted by IHaveAnArmy at 05:19 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

hey that was mean Empire!! Very mean!! More

Posted by Guinevere6 at 01:43 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

hey that was mean Empire!! Very mean!! More

Posted by Guinevere6 at 01:42 on 25 May 2012 | Report This Post

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