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Last Exorcism Sequel Has A Director
Ed Gass-Donnelly gets the gig

23 January 2012  |  Written by Owen Williams  |  Source: Deadline

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Last Exorcism Sequel Has A Director

The only downside to making $70m at the box office from a budget of $1.5m and having that success spawn a sequel, is that it's slightly embarrassing if that original film had the word "last" in the title. Not that that's deterring the production team behind The Last Exorcism from moving forward with a follow-up in the slightest. It was announced last autumn that the film was being written by Damien Chazelle, and it now has a director, in Ed Gass-Donnelly.

The Empire Award-winning The Last Exorcism was a sleeper hit in 2010, presented as a documentary about well-meaning but charlatan exorcist Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) stumbling upon what seems to be a genuine posession. Things didn't go so well for Cotton after that. 

Plot-wise, not much is being revealed about the sequel yet, but we do know that it takes place three months after the first film (so hasn't taken the prequel route that some might have predicted) and involves the further tribulations of the demon-ised Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell). The company line is also that it'll be on a much larger scale than previously, which might indicate that the found-footage schtick is being dropped this time around.

Gass-Donnelly (who made the 2010 crime thriller Small Town Murder Songs, with Peter Stormare) replaces original director Daniel Stamm, who's had his hands full recently with Night Chronicle Reincarnate, and possible English-language remakes of 13: Beloved and Martyrs.

Still aboard The Last Exorcism train however, is original producer Eli Roth, who told Deadline that he's "very, very excited to continue this story."

"Obviously with the title of the first one we had not planned on a sequel", Roth laughs, "but we love the story and subject matter and had what we feel is an inspired idea to continue it. We want to go deeper and darker this time. The first film worked great as a PG-13 psychological film, but now we want to go R-rated and show the true horror of what this subject matter offers. The biggest creative challenge will be coming up with the right title!”

The Exorcism After The Last One: Not Nearly So Final As We May Have Led You To Believe, starts shooting next month in New Orleans.

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Your Comments

No More Exorcisms, Please
The Exorcist nailed the subject of Exorcism so well that every movie that has come after it has just copied most of what happened in Blatty's book and Friedkin's film (even the photo here of bodily distortion is just a rip-off of Regan's spinning head and spider walk) More

Posted by BenTramer at 14:26 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

Trying not give away spoilers
Imho the last exorcism was a decent little horror. Not surprised about a sequel but it could go in a totally different direction if they carry on with (spoilers) the cult and what could happen with the baby More

Posted by spunkbag at 12:42 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

Trying not give away spoilers
Imho the last exorcism was a decent little horror. Not surprised about a sequel but it could go in a totally different direction if they carry on with (spoilers) the cult and what could happen with the baby More

Posted by spunkbag at 12:41 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

Trying not give away spoilers
Imho the last exorcism was a decent little horror. Not surprised about a sequel but it could go in a totally different direction if they carry on with (spoilers) the cult and what could happen with the baby More

Posted by spunkbag at 12:40 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

It was only the Last Exorcism for one character.
The title of The Last Exorcism surely refered to it being the last exorcism for one specific character in the film (trying not to spoil to much here). If that character is not in this film then I see no problem to making a sequel to a film with "last" in the title. Although we probably don't need a sequel to Last Exit To Brooklyn! More

Posted by DMC1973 at 10:40 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

What about "The Encore Exorcism"?
I too don't think it needs a sequel, but hey ho. More

Posted by Whistler at 10:30 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

Does it need one?
I thought The Last Exorcism was a superb little horror and one of the more effective hand-held camera movies. However, I'm not sure it needs a sequel, and if it does get one then that means it is in danger of becoming another dull horror franchise! More

Posted by dannyfletch at 10:15 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled Was Getting This Sequel Made
Last Exorcism gets a sequel??? So it wasn't The Last Exorcism, was it? They could've at least made it a prequel and called it The Second Last Exorcism. That way The Last Exorcism would still have been the last. More

Posted by BenTramer at 09:27 on 23 January 2012 | Report This Post

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