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Evil Dead Remake In The Works
Update: It's Official!

13 July 2011  |  Written by Phil de Semlyen  |  Source: Dread Central

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Evil Dead Remake In The Works

When Empire sat down to talk Drag Me To Hell with Sam Raimi a few years back he professed to have the opening pages of a new Evil Dead film parked at his Detroit house. Exciting news, we thought. Since then, there's not been a whole lot more news on Ash's possible return but if Dread Central's sources are on the mark, that film could be a whole lot closer to coming to fruition.

According to the site, Raimi's long-time editor Bob Murawski is heading to Michigan to start work on a fourth instalment, news that'll thrill Deadheads everywhere. Murawski is promising "a small indie thing like the first two." Bearing in mind the super-low budget ethos of The Evil Dead involved Raimi building cameras out of birchwood and dead racoons, we'd hope not quite as small and indie.

Murawski's news is corroborated by Bruce Campbell's tweet (@GroovyBruce, twitterati): "Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell."

Yup, the man said "remake", something previously mooted for Park Chan-wook. It's all still filed under 'TBC' and Raimi himself is due to be prepping Oz: The Great And Powerful. Could it be that he's not in Kansas anymore? More as we get it...

Update: It just got official! Raimi and co have released a statement confirming that Fede Alvarez is on to direct the pic, and, in an inriguing twist, Diablo Cody will polish the script. What say you to that, homeslices?

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Your Comments

Unnecessary remake
As a big fan of evil dead I'm happy that they're making a new movie which i have been waiting for for years. But having a remake is just pointless because it will just ruin the franchise. And Diablo Cody is a big mistake. At least have Bruce as Ash again to give fans something to look forward to. More

Posted by Fuzzmre at 11:40 on 17 July 2011 | Report This Post

Last Straw
This just keeps getting worse! It won't be a sequel. Campbell won't be ash. Raimi won't direct and Cody is writing. Fuck That. Hopefully this will end up in development hell & Alverez will be allowed do an original as a Debut (like Blomkamp's Halo) More

Posted by bnicholson50 at 23:38 on 14 July 2011 | Report This Post

"Diablo Cody will polish the script. What say you to that, homeslices?" I say fuck that hack bitch and fuck this unnecessary remake. More

Posted by DEADPOOLcc at 12:37 on 14 July 2011 | Report This Post

They can fuck right off if Diablo Cody is attached to the script. Her writing is garbarge. This is what happens to fans of old movies. We get slaped across the face for it. More

Posted by burtbondy at 10:23 on 14 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Ash v Freddy V Jason
Ugh the originals still hold up so well. What's the reason for this it's pointless. More

Posted by TheSpleen at 23:12 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

Ash v Freddy V Jason
I read the comic and this is the movie I want to see. More

Posted by EVIL BSTD at 21:23 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

Am I the first to say it, am I, am I?! More

Posted by steveg66 at 19:26 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

believe in bruce
Bruce could still pull off ash, just look at how harrison ford can still pull off Indy,he just needs to lose a few pounds. I would boycott any evil dead movie without bruce, i suppose i could get past the use of a different director, as long as there are plenty of zany rvertigo-inducing Rami-esque camera angles, but bruce is and always will be the only ash in my book, he perfectly embodies the character. More

Posted by rickreny at 17:52 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Evil Dead 2 is NOT a remake
Evil Dead 2 is not a remake stop saying it is, Evil Dead 2 is my favourite film of all time I know the film like the back of my hand, I hate it when people say that it's a remake (only on a geeky level I don't punch a wall or anything) They sit up smugly and go "Evil Dead 2 is A remake" Why? Why is it a remake? Where is this quote where Sam says it's a remake because I would love to see it? Sam Rami recaps the first events of the first film in the first 10 mins they cut out the other charcters More

Posted by ScottChambers at 15:42 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

Hail to the king baby!
Having watched Darkman for the first time in about 15 years I found myself really up for an Evil Dead remake but not really if Sam Raimi isn't behind the camera. Genuinely, what would movie fans really want to see, another Evil dead with Mr Raimi & The Chin or another Wizard of Oz film ( that's presumably Chinless)? That said, i always wanted them to remake Army of Darkness with a decent budget! More

Posted by flash-t at 13:39 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

You Bastards... You Dirty Bastards
To summerise: It's not a sequel, It's a remake and Raimi's not directing. I guess Linda's soul will forever suffer in torment... along with every other fan of the originals. More

Posted by bnicholson50 at 11:41 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

If Bruce Cambpell aint Ash, and Raimi aint directing - then I aint interested! .......unless they cast Nathan Fillion.......... More

Posted by lukeyboy at 10:20 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

No person on earth could do Ash justice apart from Bruce Campbell so no remake is needed there. And, Evil Dead 2 is a remake of the first one.. Raimi has said it before. And how can you make a camera out of wood and dead raccoons Empire? More

Posted by chris wootton at 09:22 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

Evil Dead 2*
I meant to say it annoys me when they say Evil Dead 2 is a remake in the previous post. More

Posted by ScottChambers at 00:09 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Leave it alone just leave it!
Why can't we have Evil Dead 4? We've been loyal and waited ages now it's going to be remade for spoilt snotty nosed brats! arghhhhh ffs. Oh and for the record it annoys me when people call Evil Dead a remake if you watch the film it's actual a sequel and continues the story the first ten mins are just a recap of the first events of the film (like the death of linda) the sequel starts as soon as the Ash lands in the puddle or flys through the trees. Watch it and you'll agree in the same way Army More

Posted by ScottChambers at 00:07 on 13 July 2011 | Report This Post

To be fair, Evil Dead 2 is more of a remake than a proper sequel and that turned out pretty well... More

Posted by VincentWire at 21:57 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

Remake would be completely pointless and would miss the mark by a mile. leave it alone for God's sake! More

Posted by theeverlasting at 21:49 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

Give it a rest
Oh piss off, please not another remake, what's the point, 4th instalment could work, perhaps with some flashback doodahs but don't reboot it, this could bring me to tears by the way More

Posted by ODForrest at 20:34 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

No Surprise here.
Not really that bothered either. I Love the three Raimi-Dead Films and that's all I need. More

Posted by Snake-Eyes at 19:31 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

Who is Directing?
Campbell is on board? Groovy. But without Raimi directing this movie ain't leading but two things right now: Jack & Shit... and Jack left town More

Posted by bnicholson50 at 19:18 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

What? I'd like to see Ash back in the cabin in the woods, but not a remake. More

Posted by darko18 at 18:46 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

All I want to see is a shed, a chainsaw, and a tool-up montage!!! More

Posted by mustangphil84 at 18:35 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

With Bruce involved I'm hoping for a remake a la Evil Dead 2. Please no 'reboot'. We need to see Ash and his boom stick kicking deadite ass, and don't forget the gore!!!! More

Posted by peopleunderthestairs at 18:17 on 12 July 2011 | Report This Post

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