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First War Horse Trailer Is Here!
Spielberg goes off to World War I

29 June 2011  |  Written by Helen O'Hara  

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First War Horse Trailer Is Here!

Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's novel War Horse is galloping towards our screens (sorry) and here, stamping its hooves and shaking its beautiful mane in the wind, is the trailer for the film. Sorry. Hey, at least we didn't call it a thoroughbred!

The story follows a horse named Joey, who is tamed and trained by a young man called Albert (Jeremy Irvine) in the years before the outbreak of World War I. But with the War's coming, Joey and Albert are parted, in a journey that brings our equine hero into contact with British officers, their German opponents and the French farmers caught in the middle.


Judging by this trailer, Spielberg (and regular cinematographer Janusz Kaminski) are on form in a film that looks to be an earthy, or rather muddy, contrast to the 'Berg's The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn later this year. You'll have to squint hard to spot some of the cast members, however: blink and you'll miss the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Niels Arestrup, Eddie Marsan, Emily Watson, David Thewlis and David Kross.

War Horse is out in the UK on January 13, 2012. Why yes, that does place it right in the heart of awards season. Wonder if that's a coincidence?

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Your Comments

I'll go to see Cumberbatch
The film looks far too sickly sweet but I'll watch it to see Benedict Cumberbatch. More

Posted by acertree at 18:52 on 04 October 2011 | Report This Post

This looks good, I can imagine the film will be quite powerful and be a mixture of happy and sad... Well from the trailer at least. ot some nice horse scenes anyway. More

Posted by trainedasninja at 18:41 on 09 July 2011 | Report This Post

give it a chance
I think this movie could be enjoyable the trailer may look like a bunch of cliches but It may still surprise us. I have a feeling it will be good. More

Posted by carlson at 20:59 on 03 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Michael Haslam
I think it really will be a great film but the trailer is B-A-D. More

Posted by Spaldron at 17:35 on 02 July 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Michael Haslam
You know. I know. They know. It'll be awesome and it'll be massive. Looking forward to it. More

Posted by gazpop at 16:53 on 02 July 2011 | Report This Post

Michael Haslam
They were drawings in the wallet ( by British equine artist Ali Bannister), Speilberg is a master craftsman, the stage play has just won a ton of Tony awards, the book is a best seller, expect something special that will last with you for a long time . More

Posted by mhhaslam at 19:07 on 01 July 2011 | Report This Post

war horse
this looks really really good cant wait until it comes out More

Posted by agrand71 at 18:42 on 01 July 2011 | Report This Post

Man, the negativity in this thread is unreal! Have folks lost faith in Spielberg? I've not. I'm thinking of this as Black Beauty meets Saving Private Ryan in WW1. Only better. The book this film is based on is excellent. Apparently the stage show is even better - a real heartstrings-puller. And besides, it's only a trailer. L: jmebaby25 Did he really have pictures of a horse in his wallet? Ok... I kinda trust the berg... so despite how it looks (bloody awful), More

Posted by DazDaMan at 18:54 on 30 June 2011 | Report This Post

Did he really have pictures of a horse in his wallet? Ok... I kinda trust the berg... so despite how it looks (bloody awful), it will probably end up being great... But seriously, a picture of a horse in his wallet? Blimey. That lad needs a girlfriend. More

Posted by jmebaby25 at 15:43 on 30 June 2011 | Report This Post

Is it wrong that I found this trailer unintentionally funny? I kept thinking of the spoof trailers for Tropic Thunder. More

Posted by Spaldron at 01:28 on 30 June 2011 | Report This Post

music is shite, are we sure its John Williams? its like a Hallmark movie! More

Posted by humpstonjohn at 01:21 on 30 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: War Horse Trailer
This looks like it will be epic - but in a way. Still it's Spielberg and I'm always exicited for anything he does - except y couldn't care less about that. More

Posted by Scruffybobby at 23:05 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Hang on...
Wait... the horse doesn't even talk?? More

Posted by UTB at 22:16 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Hang on...
...that's not Wayne Rooney in the pic above, post hair transplant is it? More

Posted by timmerpt at 22:12 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: First War Horse Trailer Is Here!
Someone needs to add "My Lovely Horse" to the trailers soundtrack. Seriously though, I can't imagine that being anything other than outstanding. More

Posted by skeletonjack at 21:35 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: First War Horse Trailer Is Here!
Yet another spielberg dropping that is a 1/2 out of 5 but will almost certainly receive a 4/5 out of 5 More

Posted by spamandham at 20:58 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

With the odd exception Spielberg's films are always of a high standard and I expect this will be the same BUT they really should have spent more time on this trailer because this is just ripe for parody. Can't wait to see the internet spoofs of which I hope will be many. Look it's the horse running, again! More

Posted by sjessep at 19:49 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

That's not Ricky Gervais at 53s is it? More

Posted by sonicboome at 19:18 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Ladbrokes
I don't want to be a Negative Nancy, but this does look a bit dull.  Because it's Spielberg, I'm sure it will be a well crafted film, but I don't think this trailer does it any favours.  Can't see any plot and it looks a little like Black Beauty 2.  Still, it's early and I'll go and see it, hoping I'm wrong. More

Posted by Whistler at 16:02 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

I cant wait to never this se this film. A load of dump. More

Posted by burtbondy at 15:53 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

RE: Riiiiiiggggghhhhht......
L: Trautman Do excuse me if I'm not first in line to see this. ou're excused, now off you trot. The film looks interesting, perhaps slightly 'schmaltzy' but this is Spielberg so we now there'll be some mawkishness in there. The footage of the horse galloping and the close-ups were quite striking I thought. The imagery with the WWI battlefields seems quite vivid as well and it'll be interesting to see how he's visualised the battlefield given this was on the cusp of mechanised/multi More

Posted by Emyr Thy King at 14:54 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

I hoof to say, it looks bad. I just bridle at the thought of another war movie from Spielberg. If he'd done Indy 5, I'd be hot to trot, but he canter just expect me to turn up to everything he does. Yes, I'm a neigh-sayer but there it is. The script looks bad too - why can't he collaborate with Steven Stallion again like he did on Schindler's List? I won't saddle you with any mare reasons to object to this film. Sorry Steven, don't mean to rein on your parade. More

Posted by Crispin_Glover at 14:16 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

This is going to be epic…
Spielberg is good at emotion, but also knows how to back it up with visceral action – the trailer highlights the feelings, but I bet the war scenes will be good too: I foresee a gut-wrenching journey worthy of Empire of the Sun and Schindler's List. More

Posted by olirog at 12:54 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

if it was anyone else...
i probably wouldn't bother but it's our boy Stevie so it'll be beautiful and sound gorgeous (take yet another bow John Williams) and all in all be a bit lovely. People have said it looks boring - well, ok, so you don't like slower movies - and maybe it does look a bit soaked in golden tones but the book is great (take that as FACT from an ex teacher, Morpurgo is a class act) and so the film should be great. The thing with Spielberg (and this is rare in Hollywood) is that he understands Britain More

Posted by leroythemasochist at 12:31 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

@ Velvet
You're seriously judging all Spielberg movies on the strength of Indy 4. That's the height of stupidity. Shame on you, man. More

Posted by Mort Grimm at 12:25 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

nothing else to say More

Posted by aamoran10 at 12:09 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

will win big
The source novel is great. The stage show is truly brilliant. This looks like a good adaptation of the novel. Cynics who don't get the bond between a boy and his horse will never be won over. For better or worse will win big at the various awards ceremonies - particularly BAFTAS because of all the Brits involved. More

Posted by foster at 11:56 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Wont b watchn it, after the debackle of Indiana. Shame on u Berg More

Posted by velvet at 10:55 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Shame the Berg didnt try and do this for Indiana 4, oh i forgot, George wasnt involved in this movie nor was he calling the shots. More

Posted by velvet at 10:54 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Do excuse me if I'm not first in line to see this. More

Posted by Trautman at 10:31 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

War Horse
Looks like an equine Forrest Gump More

Posted by JohnnyBGoode at 09:41 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

I must be missing something...
It's Homeward Bound.... with a horse?? More

Posted by Bubba76 at 09:23 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

"The kid kept an 'orse in the 'ouse... must've nicked it from somewhere..." More

Posted by tommypocket at 09:19 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Looks great...
...from the trailer, at least. Looks to be another bullseye for The Berg. More

Posted by willkillyoulast at 08:43 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

Another Spielberg flag waver
Is this a none-US based war film from Spielberg? More

Posted by The Bantam Menace at 08:32 on 29 June 2011 | Report This Post

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