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Marvel Planning Short Superhero Films?
New characters could get a swift launch

21 June 2010  |  Written by James White  |  Source: Latino Review

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It’s no secret that Marvel Studios is aiming to exploit as many of its comic book characters as humanly (and superhumanly) possible. And with the sale to Disney long since locked in, the company is now owned by a studio looking to get as many merchandisable characters out into the mainstream as possible. But given that many of the smaller, second-and-third-tier heroes aren’t exactly suited to a straight movie launch, the Marvel team might just be thinking smaller. As in shorter. As in shorts.

According to Latino Review’s sources, there’s a rumour – the guys warn us that this is strictly unconfirmed for now – that the company is looking at ways to launch characters with lower recognition factor like Luke Cage, Dr Strange and Black Panther, which includes the idea of putting short adventures for those and other heroes in front of the bigger Marvel movies.

If it happens, it sounds like a decent idea to raise awareness for those who don’t come boasting the instant appeal of, say, Spider-Man or even the X-Men. And thanks to Disney’s animation side, with John Lasseter and Ed Catmull keeping the tradition, particularly on Pixar movies, of running a short before the feature, it’s not like it’s something new to the Mouse House.

But while for now it’s so much speculation, we throw the question open: do you want to see Marvel shorts aimed at getting cinema going audiences excited for the likes of Dr Strange? Or would you prefer Marvel’s previously touted option of lower-budgeted films handed to creative types as the main launch pad?

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Your Comments

I think a Sin City style episodic movie may be the way to go, what with all the cross connections the comics have had. More

Posted by morrelis at 17:45 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

Seems like a winner, gets some of the other characters up on the screen, even if they only get a cameo in the main feature (like a little intro for some characters before the avangers movie comes out). I like what they did with the Animatrix, perhaps they could look at a similar style there, get some famous directors to create the shorts. Then, they can sell them all on a dvd/bluray later to make more money! More

Posted by gingerdaniel at 16:10 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

I like it, how about bringing back serials as well?
I think this is a great idea! And I would love to see Pixar or Disney animation tackle some of the Marvel heroes. I think what a great idea however is especially with superheros is to replicate something like the Flash Gordon movie serials of old. With say Spidermans' wealth of villians instead of having to squeeze them into a 2 hour movie make ten 40 minute serials and have one out every 6 months or so. We've seen with Harry Potter there is an audience for continual films and we have also se More

Posted by betsy101 at 13:54 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

I think it's a pretty good idea and agree too, although with Potter wrapping up soon, if done right Dr Strange would already have a possible audience/interest? More

Posted by messiah1967 at 11:22 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

I Like It,

Posted by messiah1967 at 11:20 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

Keep up Empire
I posted about this hours before you got a story up :) In all seriousness I really like this idea and suspect that the fan reaction to that Mortal Kombat short which was "leaked" a couple of weeks has inspired this (if true). I'd expect the street level heroes like Luke Cage and Iron First get the shorts treatment, Dr Strange seems like a good candidate too although another story above states writers have been hired for a feature so perhaps he's getting feature treatment right of More

Posted by Marwood at 10:28 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz More

Posted by chris wootton at 09:23 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

Marvel sucks balls. More

Posted by badsanta at 02:52 on 22 June 2010 | Report This Post

Do it!
I think it would be great if they did origin stories as shorts, and then weeved the characters into big movies as many of you have suggested. It would be like Hawkeye in The Avengers. And then if people like them, they can get their own movie - like Deadpool. On a related note, I think think the best way they could reboot Daredevil is to have him feature in the reboot of the spider-man series (as well as that brilliant suggestion by Hellbilly to get Luke Cage involved - I've been playing Spide More

Posted by HenryD at 23:43 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

I'd rather see them pop up as functioning characters in the universes of the big-name heroes. Like J Jonah Jameson hires Luke Cage to capture Spider-Man but instead they end up working together to bring down The Vulture or something. It's a trick that works well in the comics when they want to introduce new heroes (particularly X-Men) and it could be worth applying to big-screen adaptations. More

Posted by HellBilly at 22:04 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

Awesome Idea
I think it would be great, if done right, like a serialized format. The shorts don't have to be interlaced with each other either, they could just great little adventures in their own. All for it! And to those that disparage superhero movies, well they have been around since movies became popular, so again if you have a solid story, a great director and actors, then what's the problem? If you just don't like the genre, well that's personal taste and we are all entitled to our own tastes, so just More

Posted by brock5 at 20:21 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

Why not let creative indie directors handle the shorts? and then if the short goes down well they get a proper budget and can take their ideas to the big screen? This sounds fine, but i do sense that superheroes might be beginning to run out of steam... it's not an imminent threat but i can see marvel collapsing in perhaps 10 years' time More

Posted by bleugh07 at 20:07 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

A great idea and one that should go through, characters like Black Panther deserve to have some sort of presence on screen. More

Posted by LewisStephenson at 20:00 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

I agree with Kmadden2004. If shorts were made introducing the characters to cinema audiences, then the characters would fit in really well if later cameod in a later bigger Marvel film. This idea could have been useful earlier, as then in "Iron Man 2", Scarlett Johansson's character, the Black Widdow, could have been explained far better. if Marvel and Disney do follow through with this idea, it could work very well. More

Posted by ZakE94 at 18:42 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

I'm actually really on board with this. If it means we get to see more of the Marvel universe on the big screen, then I'm all for it. Of course, they could always just give these characters cameos in the 'big' film franchises and then spin them off (I can see Dr Strange fitting into a Thor movie quite nicely). More

Posted by Kmadden2004 at 18:22 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

If this is the only alternative to dozens of samey superhero films then bring it on. Most people i talk to now are sick to death of superhero films anyway. it's like the slew of 80's actioners all over again, in ten years we'll all look back and laugh at how stupid it all was. More

Posted by warren7355 at 18:16 on 21 June 2010 | Report This Post

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