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Scorsese & Von Trier Remake Taxi Driver?
Starring... Robert De Niro?!?

15 February 2010  |  Written by Chris Hewitt  |  Source: Hollywood Elsewhere

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WT and, if you have the time, F? Reports – unconfirmed reports, but reports nonetheless – are emerging from the Berlin Film Festival, suggesting that Martin Scorsese may be about to team up with Lars von Trier to remake Taxi Driver. With – and this is where it gets really weird – Robert De Niro once again playing the lead role.

Now, bear in mind that this is just a rumour at the moment, but Danish film magazine Ekko sounds pretty sure of its facts, while von Trier’s producing partner, Peter Aalbak, would neither confirm or deny the reports, but did say that an official announcement would soon be made.

Now, let’s not dismiss this out of hand. Great directors have revisited movies before – Alfred Hitchcock made The Man Who Knew Too Much twice, while Michael Haneke, to name another, had two goes at Funny Games, one in German, one in English – and the prospect of Scorsese revisiting the scene of, arguably, his greatest triumph is fascinating.

Of course, von Trier’s involvement would seem to indicate that he, and not Scorsese, would direct if – IF – this happens. But again, we’d love to see what von Trier’s rough and ready, bleak style could bring to the source material (assuming, of course, that they would be working from Paul Schrader’s screenplay); his sensibilities should blend in impeccably with Bickle's diseased mindset; and it would virtually guarantee that this wouldn’t be a remake that slavishly recreates Scorsese’s visual style.

But the big question mark here is De Niro. He’s 66 now – although he doesn’t look it – so what would that mean for Travis Bickle? Would Travis’ disaffection and rage make sense coming from someone in their Sixties? Or would this actually be a remake, or a semi-sequel? After all, De Niro and Scorsese have been talking about the possibility of another Taxi Driver for years now, without anything ever progressing beyond the ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…?’ stage. Could this be their way of finally continuing Travis’ story?

We know that we should be mobilising the pitchforks and torches army and seeking to stamp this out immediately, but there's something about this that makes us sort of hope that it's true. You know that moment in sci-fi movies where the hero says, "This is a crazy idea, but it might just work?" Well, this is that moment. 

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Your Comments

I think it can be dangerous to put quotes out of context. The film that was presented at Cannes in 2009 by Von Trier was called the Antichrist and vanity is what sets the whole story in motion. Anyway the subject of pretencion was aimed at his films and not him. Sorry if you were mislead by me not putting: The films of Von Trier...but it was a direct reply to the comment below. More

Posted by Geosolus at 21:02 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

"Von Trier is anything but pretentious" “It’s the hand of God, and I am the best film director in the world. I’m not sure if God is the best God in the world.” - Lars Von Trier, Cannes, 2009. I'm sure probably consider that to be "a refreshing controversy" that "scares film critics" but the rest of us think it's the sort of ramblings that turn an OK film-maker into an annoying, self-publicizing, tool-bag who's no better than Michael Bay. More

Posted by Bizz90 at 16:42 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

good song, crap comment. Von Trier is anything but pretentious. He divides audiences certainly and depending on the film I'm on one side or the other but at least he's goes out and makes something that makes the viewer think. Scorsese on the other hand is gloss. I like some of his films like I like looking at something pretty but generally I find his work to be part of the hollywood hype machine. More

Posted by Geosolus at 14:37 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

Lars von Trier
Is stealing a living. His films are staggeringly pretentious and void of any redeeming qualities. I consistently feel sorry for his actors. Obviously Scorsese is the opposite, so I don't care what he's directing, I'll go see it. More

Posted by AboyNamedSue at 11:56 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

The original moved me in ways very few films do. I started watching it sitting up and woke up flat out on the couch. A Von Trier take on it? Why not More

Posted by Geosolus at 07:16 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

no thank you? That's all i have to say really, i mean i understand perfectly why De Niro and Scorsese just talk about it jokingly, because it's a perfectly interesting idea in the same way that making an Apocalypse Now remake or sequel is a perfectly interesting idea. But, unfortunately, (and no offense Von Trier fans) if Lars Von Trier has taught the world anything it's that "interesting" doesn't necessarily transmit as "good". More

Posted by Bizz90 at 06:12 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Scorsese & Von Trier Remake Taxi Driver?
if it ain't broke, why fix it? More

Posted by tony takitani at 00:39 on 16 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Scorsese & Von Trier Remake Taxi Driver?
L: CU@theOscars As long as Von Trier doesn't introduce a taxi which yells "Chaos Reigns", it may be alright. hat would be amazing. hat an amazing idea for adding a new and modern take on this classic film. t's not, but with Von Trier at the helm, this can be something great. More

Posted by Deviation at 20:47 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Did someone order a Taxi.........
What an amazing idea for adding a new and modern take on this classic film. Maybe bickle returning from the gulf would work, with people from all over the world relating to that view point, as oppossed to vietnam More

Posted by kjtoyne at 19:33 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

I should, really, be kicking off about this big time. "Taxi Driver" is safely amongst my top twenty. If anyone else was directed I'd be red with rage. But... von Trier... More

Posted by Piles at 18:51 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Hywel wrote: "could this a Five Obstructions style project?"
Exactly what I was thinking. I hope so. This could be absolutely brilliant. More

Posted by Ichi1 at 18:50 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

could this a Five Obstructions style project? More

Posted by Hywel at 18:31 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Scorsese & Von Trier Remake Taxi Driver?
As long as Von Trier doesn't introduce a taxi which yells "Chaos Reigns", it may be alright. More

Posted by CU@theOscars at 18:19 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

L: jameswhaleofatime Didn't Scorsese basically already remake Taxi Driver in the form of Bringing Out the Dead? BOTD did indeed feature men driving vehicles at night in New York going different kinds of crazy because of the shit they've seen and a protagonist with a desperate need to save a young girl affecting his perceptions...Okay, Cage's character couldn't save the girl because he had already failed to do so, and was going bonkers from guilt, etc but apart from the driving forc More

Posted by jobloffski at 16:56 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Scorsese & Von Trier Remake Taxi Driver?
I love the idea of Scorsese revisiting Bickle, and with Von Trier at the helm I'm thoroughly intrigued. Scorsese is probably my favourite filmmaker of all time, he's certainly the one thats had the most effect on how I have explored cinema. More

Posted by adambatman82 at 16:44 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Didn't Scorsese basically already remake Taxi Driver in the form of Bringing Out the Dead? More

Posted by jameswhaleofatime at 16:10 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: could work
1) Have always regarded the 'shootout' in Taxi Driver as Bickle imagining being 'heroic' and imagining that he would be thanked for such actions and everybody concerned would live happily ever after. The main 'clue' for this is after the 'shootout' and the absurdly happy ending, Bickle's clothes and hair are the same as before the 'shootout' as is his job. Nothing has changed after the shootout, except Cybil Shepherd's character seeming to be intrigued by him, as opposed to previously being cre More

Posted by jobloffski at 15:28 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

It's a prank
Von-Trier is a bit of a nutter, think its all a bit of a laugh! More

Posted by The Kevmiester at 15:12 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

could work
Although I don't like remakes this could be pretty cool. I am a big Von Trier fan and this has to the potential to be amazing. It would be great to see if a project like this would recharge both Scorsese and De Niro who could use a jolt to their systems as they seem to have settled into just feeding the Hollywood machine. More

Posted by deheor at 14:28 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Talk about a platypus's polkadot dick to the face. What the fuck? More

Posted by ThismonkeyhasRAGE at 14:23 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

kind of don't see the point. A sort of quasi sequel would make sense, but eh. Neither happy or outraged by this. More

Posted by clarkkent at 13:54 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

I'm interested...
I know it may anger the Movie Gods, but I'm intrigued by this and, though you may all scorn me, I want this to happen. More

Posted by stewart4 at 13:37 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Please don't do it.............
As much respect as i have for Scorsese, De Niro and Von trier. I can only see this being a very bad idea. But, having said that perhaps De Niro has one last great performance left in him, and perhaps Von-trier is the man to draw it out of him. In my opinion the current trend for reboots, remakes and re-jigaramabos is out of control. And no matter how profitable it may for studios. Surely it be it can only be bad in the long run.... What next ? Raging Bulls Goodfellas 2: More

Posted by danielcharlwood at 13:17 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Holding my breath
What is reported in the danish media is a project similar to a project Trier made with the documentarian Jørgen Leth where he had to remake his own short documentary "Det Perfekte Menneske" Trier providing "stumbling blocks". Limitations that Leth had to adhere to for instance using animation: remaking the process with overcoming the limitations is also documented. However I have a hard time believing this and it More

Posted by BoDixen at 12:39 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

I'm actually intrigued by this. Whilst never having been a fan of the original, I think it would be interesting to see a new take on the same character but from the point of view of being an older man, without it being necessarily a sequel. More

Posted by Revstar at 12:38 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Holding my breath
How truly bizarre. I'll believe it when I see it. However, if anyone has a right to go and mess with Taxi Driver, it's Scorsese and De Niro. More

Posted by jmebaby25 at 12:30 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Holding my breath
can go 2-ways only... Why ruin a classic? More

Posted by nybras at 12:10 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

You more or less dismiss this out of a hand a couple of stories before, and now make it an article in its own right? Slow news day Empire? More

Posted by Knight of Fury at 12:07 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

If I could pick any current director to remake Taxi Driver it would be von Trier (narrowly beating Herzog and Coppola) but, beyond the question of whether we really need a remake (which we don't), DENIRO?! The man is a legend and one of the greatest actors ever to have graced a cinema screen but he's just way too old these days. It would have to star someone like Sam Rockwell (my pick), Cilian Murphy, Christian Bale or Johnny Depp. Any of those guys could bring a real intensity to the role and t More

Posted by felipesegundo at 11:54 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

Didn't Travis Bickle die?
If it really would be an actual sequel, then it's likely to provide the definite answer to the question whether Travis died in the final shootout (the epilogue being some kind of final fantasy). That would be something! More

Posted by at 11:20 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

this is interesting.......I dont think its needed as a huge fan of the 'original' but if this does happen then I dont think it will be a disaster... I mean Scorsese and De niro must know the importance of keeping the integrity of the first movie..they wont be doing it for the money so hopefully they have a very good Idea of what they want to make and it also about time that De Niro showed us why he was one of the greatest actors of his generation...once again More

Posted by the sangypange at 11:09 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Urmmmm....
As much as I love De Niro I can't take him seriously anymore.   If they're gonna remake Taxi Driver, Tom Hardy for Bickle! More

Posted by CORLEONE at 10:57 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

I had to read that twice. This is one of the most bizarre things I've read in a while. Of course I think they should abandon this idea immediately. More

Posted by Workshed at 10:43 on 15 February 2010 | Report This Post

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