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27 October 2009
Steve Carr To Direct Short Circuit
Paul Blart director boards robot remake
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Short Circuit Remake Gets A Writer
Dan Milano on board for bionic 'bot

04 June 2009  |  Written by Phil de Semlyen  |  Source: Variety

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Remake'o'mania continues apace... Last April we reported that a Short Circuit remake was in the pipeline, and the return of Johnny 5 moves a little closer with news that a writer has been signed up to hunker down and produce a script.

Dan Milano, who's best known for his work on Seth Green's deranged stop-motion Robot Chicken series, will be putting his robotic expertise to good use recrafting the 1986 story of the nuclear-armed US military 'bot that goes rogue (in a nice way) when it's hit by lightning.

With its Wall-E-alike hero, and Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy as the brainy scientist and tree-hugging hippy type who try to stop it falling into the warmongering hands of the US army, Short Circuit was fun if undemanding family fare.

David Foster, who's producing for Dimension Films alongside Ryan E. Heppe and John Hyde, promises the remake will showcase all the wonders of modern robotics: "We're bringing Number 5 into the 21st Century and taking advantage of the improvements in robotics that are so massive that robots are now performing heart surgeries in hospitals."

"We think of Wall-E as an extended trailer for our film, because it's the same face," said Foster. Milano, meanwhile is charged with ensuring an edgier remake. According to Variety, his brief is to provide a more subversive edge, which could mean giving Johnny 5 a crack problem or simply recasting Guttenberg. Watch this space.


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Your Comments

L: John Firth Are they going to keep the white man in blackface (well, Indianface, but hardly any difference in the racism stakes)? s an Indian I should find Fisher Stevens as Benjamin offensive but I love it. More

Posted by Tech_Noir at 18:31 on 06 June 2009 | Report This Post

Are they going to keep the white man in blackface (well, Indianface, but hardly any difference in the racism stakes)? More

Posted by John Firth at 23:17 on 05 June 2009 | Report This Post

RE: A Bionic Bot?
After Wall E this was pretty inevitalbe wasn't it? I mean I remember the first thing that popped in my head when seeing the Wall E trailer was...Johnny 5. But for those of us who loved Short Circuit as kids it won't compare. And of course it won't have the legends that are Los Locos. Los Locos kick your ass! Los Locos kick your face! Los Locos kick your balls into outer space! More

Posted by Jacks Rage at 23:37 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

A Bionic Bot?
Well, who wouldn't want a bionic bot? Me actually, but if that's what Dan Milano wants he's perfectly entitled to one. I prefer mine au naturel. very compact and not resembling a portable shelving system. Must admit I'm slightly amused and cannot wait to see a few of the remakes/reimaginings due in the next year or so. Only so I can laugh (cringe!) at them and point out how very bad they are. More

Posted by Suzy R at 19:51 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Here we go again!
Yet another remake. O dear. What is the deal with remaking films? Short Circuit and Tron, a Buffy film (that has no connections to the series). BORING!!! Have an original idea or get out of filmmaking. Please! Do us all a favour. More

Posted by Yorkshirebint at 19:06 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

unoriginalness is Hollywood
Who wants these remakes except for the 'money makers'? Because i don't think i've seen a single commetn from a film fan that says anything positive about the 'remakeorama' that is going on. Just leave the classics alone and come up with your own ideas guys, if you can't then quit! More

Posted by joey029 at 17:15 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

another remake? surely not?
I also hear that they're about to reboot/remake/re-imagine "drag me to hell" More

Posted by Countlopez at 16:58 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

I loved both films as a kid and always wished for a third film. Why can't they just make it a sequel? More

Posted by Leeorami 2.0 at 15:57 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Meh, can't be any worse than SS2 was (mint you, as a kid I loved the bit where J5 pimped himself up in the radio shack). Only suggestion I'd make is that it would be nice if they didn't use CGI More

Posted by blackduck at 14:50 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

No! Leave it alone! If they make Johnny 5 into a CGI character, I will get even angrier than I am now! More

Posted by Pipkin3 at 14:04 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Arrogant prick
"We think of Wall-E as an extended trailer for our film, because it's the same face," What a penis! As if this big bag o' crap is gonna come anywhere the genius of Wall-e. As for the remake, at least they're remaking something which was pretty poor in the first place rather than a bona fide classic. More

Posted by evildave69 at 13:22 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Short Circuit Remake Gets A Writer
I don't mind remakes as such, I just wish they would remake films that need remaking; films that didn't live up to the promise of the concept (although to be honest Short Circuit isn't that great, I should have put this in the Total Recall remake thread) It worked with Oceans 11, The Fly, The Thing etc. I think I Am Legend is ripe for a remake. Will Smith can reprise his role and it can still be Manhatten set, they just need to keep the ending from the book and have the infected playe More

Posted by mattdotwalker at 13:13 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

... F*CK OFF! More

Posted by Nicky C at 12:08 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

That's it I've reached the end of my fucking tether, I'm not going to look at any more film websites because I am sick to death of seeing yet another announcement of some sub-standard remake every fucking time I look at a film site. For christ's sake, I just completely despair with the utter lack of originality and creativity in Hollywood these days. Fuck it, what's the point? I can rant here all I want, it's not going to change anything. Mass boycott of all remakes anyone? More

Posted by Anduril666 at 11:56 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

................'ponders' 'sighs' as quoted by Jonny5 to these eejits 'your mother was a snowblower!!' REMAKE, REMAKE??? Can we start picketing hollywood now, NOW PLEASE?! More

Posted by Sphinx at 11:40 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Putting aside my hatred of this project for one second, how bloody insulting is that last comment!? "we think of Wall-E as an extended trailer for our OWN film"? EXTENDED TRAILER? There were people working on that film for years! What an un-necessary kick in the balls! Of course there are some simularities between the two designs, but Wall-E was a magical film that deserved much higher recognition that it recieved, and is Pixar's best so far in my opinion. Extended trailer... !@#!!*?#! More

Posted by christofurr at 11:38 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Big mistake given the sucess of Wall-e. Anyone who hasn't seen the original will think it's a sub-par Wall-e ripoff, and those who have will be thinking, why? More

Posted by morpheusman at 11:29 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

Not bad
It's not that much of a classic that it can't be remade I think it's a good idea as long as it's done properly. Sounds like they are heading in the right direction though!!! I hear they're remaking Flight of the Navigator too!!! Does Hollywood not have any new ideas?? What will be next from my childhood to be remade?? Temple of Doom?? Stand By Me??? More

Posted by Andybee76 at 11:27 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

I LOVED short circuit as a kid, johnny 5 was my hero, so i'm not totally sure about a remake... from the sound of it though, it might be quite different from the original, a film in its own right. guess we'll have to wait and see! More

Posted by risey at 11:00 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post

no no no
putting aside the atrocity that is a remake of Short Circuit, how the hell can that make the film 'edgier'? Is this going to be like The Dark Knight of Jonny5 or something? More

Posted by waltham1979 at 10:58 on 04 June 2009 | Report This Post


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