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Teresa: The Making Of A Saint Trailer
Hotness is next to godliness

06 August 2008  |  Written by Olly Richards  

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A trailer for Teresa: The Making Of A Saint has hit the interweb and you can see it here.

The film stars Sophie Maes (Before There Was One, The Large Bag) as Agnes, a young Macedonian woman who is raised in a world ravaged by war, but finds her salvation by answering God's message and dedicating her life to The Lord via the wearing of a wimple and not having the sex with the men. But...but her passions are aroused, her faith tested and her font set asimmering by a handsome young priest. Will she live her life for God or throw habit to the wind and follow her heart? Whatever her decision, it will change the world...forever.

The film marks the big budget debut of Mel Cohen, who began his career with the short film Hamsters Are People Too and found cult fame with his indie drama The Butter Man. The film is already receiving significant buzz from early screenings – one critic famously began talking in tongues during a pivotal moment, much to the disturbance of the others in attendance who couldn't hear what was going on and wrote 'shut the hell up' in the air with their little light-up pens. So high is studio confidence that there are rumours that Cohen has already begun work on the a sequel, Teresa 2: Nun More Back.

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Your Comments

RE: Proof that Megan Fox makes men stupid
I knew something was up the moment i noticed that the actress was clearly Megan Fox. The trailer was a pretty good trick except the voice over which was too comedic. I think just some captions would have made it more convincing. Nice idea though i prefer Simple Jack More

Posted by somekindof_battery at 01:58 on 08 August 2008 | Report This Post

Proof that Megan Fox makes men stupid
The article fooled me. Which is understandable(ish). All the sequel shit was clearly a joke like but... Ok no. I'm just a loser. Well played sir. Well played. More

Posted by shanewire at 15:04 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

How to lose frinds and alienate people
I take it this film-within-a-film will be featured in the Simon Pegg starrer? More

Posted by bonniee at 12:53 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

Is this serious. theresa look like megan fox and by the trailer it looks like parady but the idea of a possible megan fox in a nun costume ;p More

Posted by dave_0989 at 12:33 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

RE: silly me!
Ha ha, you got me there.  Too funny.  Got all the way the Sir Ben Queensley before I clicked.  Nuns are so hot.  Check this link. tmlp; Ace!!! More

Posted by kinge247 at 12:07 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

silly me!
for a second there i was befuddled at the possibility of there being such a filet mign-hot actress by the name of Sophie Maes that i was blissfully (well maybe not so blissful) unaware of. Even her remarkable resemblance to La Renard didn't nudge my noggins some. Kudos Olly! You win this one and only time! I shall now watch the trailer... anyone say tugg speedman a la scorcher VI? More

Posted by livinlaj at 11:49 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

Is How to lose friends going the advertising route a'la Dark Knight? Will we see some of "Sharps" columns popping up on the web? I certainly hope so! More

Posted by freakinabsuit at 10:50 on 07 August 2008 | Report This Post

Taken in
Okay, I have to admit I couldn't believe the trailer . . . but something inside me resisted (euphemism!!) drawn in by the hi-concept of a fox in a habit. Sometime later, having enjoyed Mel Cohen's website and fishing photos, cursed google, and scoured IMDB, I came back here and read everyone's comments. Felt like such a fool. Having said that . . . who wouldn't go and see this film if it actually got made - move over Dark Knight ;-] More

Posted by novakid at 23:55 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

I watched this trailer before reading the comments, I thought something was up with this as it looks like pure trash! Then I thought, hang on, if this is genuine trash, surely Kim Newman would have been writing this piece! Kv More

Posted by Kev@CTU at 23:42 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

evidently Olly's had a slow day at work More

Posted by richCie at 22:17 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

Empire scamps and Fox-y tricks
Damn You Olly *Shakes fist* I trust you even less now than I already did.... Which wasn't much.... Now trust in you next to nothing.... I hope your happy. More

Posted by punchdrunk at 22:14 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

"... Hey stop that....." More

Posted by TheDuffMan at 22:13 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

Is this a fake trailer? That Nun looks surprisingly like Megan Fox! loved the Sir Ben Queenslay joke though :D More

Posted by SHARKY123 at 21:58 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

RE: No-one gets it yet?
L: DeadBelushi This is a fake trailer to go with How to Lose Friends and Alienate People isn't it? I like your trickery Empire. Confuse the masses. ell that makes sense, cos, as well as it clearly being a piss-take of some sort, I spent the whole trailer thinking "that looks ] like Megan Fox"! More

Posted by Acho at 21:22 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

No-one gets it yet?
This is a fake trailer to go with How to Lose Friends and Alienate People isn't it? I like your trickery Empire. Confuse the masses. More

Posted by DeadBelushi at 20:48 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

No-one gets it yet?
This is a fake trailer to go with How to Lose Friends and Alienate People isn't it? I like your trickery Empire. Confuse the masses. More

Posted by DeadBelushi at 20:46 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

I'm... so... confused....
See Title. More

Posted by Paloogin at 20:35 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

M.T is -Spinning- in - her - Grave!
What a poorly made trailer, hopefully the film is better than that suggested. That voice over guy trying to sund like Don la fountaine made it seem like the film was a comedy. ...Damn nuns are hot though! :D More

Posted by punchdrunk at 20:35 on 06 August 2008 | Report This Post

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