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Exclusive: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
Damon and Greengrass talk quadrilogy

10 March 2008  |  Written by Olly Richards  

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You see Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass on the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards red carpet, what's the one question you ask them? What's going on with Bourne 4, that's right.

"We’ve just kind of been amused by the whole thing," said Matt Damon of the rumour suddenly circulating everywhere after a Variety article last week. "I think it’s one of these stories that has a life of it’s own. Not that we’re against it, we’re all for doing a fourth movie but it means coming up with a good story. There are a lot of things that would have to happen before we would sign up for it."

So, that's what the leading man says, but what about the director? "What does Matt say?" asks Greengrass. "He says yes? It’s news to me. I think the truth is that it’s a very well loved franchise, but we’re in the process of trying to work out what kind of film you could make. If there is one, what would it be? How it could go? Without any pressure; without any commitment to it, but everybody loved the franchise. We love it, but none of us would want to go again unless we’re sure there’s a worthwhile film and that could take some time. You don’t want to do that when you feel like you’ve got to make it and none of us need to, so that’s where we are".

In short: Bourne 4 is far from definite and we only want to see it if Greengrass and Damon are on board. We imagine many readers would feel the same.

The Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008
Click here for full coverage of our annual awards ceremony. Including full details on all the winners, videos from the show plus photos of the stars on the red carpet and much more! Click here.

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Your Comments

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
Had a weird experience a while back, when about to watch a Bourne film: Took it from the shelf, and for a very brief moment I didn't register The Bourne Supremacy, it might have been my feverish imagination, always beavering away at where stories could go even when I'm not conscious of it, but I saw, for a split second: The Bourne Temptation. And seconds later I imagined that the fourth film, since the first three had dealt with the identity thing, then a fourth would probably fo More

Posted by jobloffski at 10:48 on 01 December 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
Story's been told and tied. Leave it be. More

Posted by Alvin Stardust at 09:43 on 01 December 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
#000066]Perhaps but without Greengrass - / rne-4/ More

Posted by Snake-Eyes at 07:39 on 01 December 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
I thought the third lacked the first two films' emotional impact. If they can revive that, then great. If not, then Bourne 4 runs the risk of becoming something that Steven Seagal would star in. only with more mr shaky hand man. More

Posted by UTB at 14:05 on 07 May 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
ely no need for anymore, other than the almighty dollar. The 3rd film was totally superfluous, adding nothing. Leave it alone Hollywood! More

Posted by Monkeyshaver at 13:29 on 07 May 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
bourne rules, so can't wait for this   amon has also agreed to step once again into the boots of America’s foremost chop-socky amnesiac, but has to finish work on two other films prior to shooting a fourth Bourne: first up is another Greengrass collaboration, an adaptation of Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s ‘Imperial Life in the Emerald City’ centring on Baghdad’s Green Zone. More

Posted by clarkeycats at 13:10 on 07 May 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Will Bourne 4 Happen?
"In short: Bourne 4 is far from definite and we only want to see it if Greengrass and Damon are on board. We imagine many readers would feel the same."   What about Doug Liman? More

Posted by Mason Verger at 18:11 on 18 March 2008 | Report This Post

Will Bourne 4 Happen?
"Will Bourne 4 Happen?" Hopefully not. More

Posted by jimoakley666 at 13:02 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

Bourne 4
I would very much welcome a fourth Bourne Movie. Greengrass has proved he only gets better and Damon has grown very well into the role. Bring it on I say. As for nipples on the Ozymandias costume, well.... More

Posted by kinge247 at 00:53 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

I think that this could work. I would go to see a fourth installment. The first three worked on many different levels and all were at the least highly enjoyable action spy films. The thing that works in its favour is both main actor and director are being cautious with it. Stating that only if it will work is a good thing surely, it means that there is no danger of them just going along with it and producing a disappointing franchise killer. And as far as having the storyline tied up and More

Posted by jambobjam at 17:05 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

My God, the Bourne films are so overrated. Empire's turning into the film equivalent of the NME - sucking up to stars that it perceives to be popular, which will make the magazine more popular by association. More

Posted by hatebox at 13:54 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

My God, the Bourne films are so overrated. Empire's turning into the film equivalent of the NME - sucking up to stars that it perceives to be popular, which will make the magazine more popular by association. More

Posted by hatebox at 13:47 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Don't do it.
Please don't. Don't sour it. It's perfect as it is. Learn to leave it alone! More

Posted by Fatty at 13:42 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

He could get a job packing frozen sausages on a convyer belt. 100 minutes of him slowing going insane. That would work. Muttering to himself how boring life is when you're not black ops. More

Posted by DanCurley at 13:21 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne Legacy or The Bourne Betrayal, perhaps? Both sequels to Ludlum's books but not written by him. I know the movies departed completely from the books, but the plot of Legacy would make an interesting adaptation - "David Webb is living a peaceful life as a university professor in the backwoods of America with his wife and children. But someone is reaching out to take him out of the game forever. A deadly assassin is on his trail and his former handler has been brutally murdered al More

Posted by cunningmunki at 13:07 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

I think the boys should leave it alone now. The Three are superb, and just don't ruin it with a forth. Obviously it could be better but the chances are slim. I think even Greengrass is sceptical about the whole thing. If you read in between the lines i don't think he's too keen on it. More

Posted by mafyou at 12:54 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

L: IcyBee Tetralogy. Not Quadrilogy. rilogy is fine. It's just based on Latin and it sounds cooler. More

Posted by Bluehawk at 12:46 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Only if it a 'good story'
This is one of the those phrases I hate. When actors/director saw they'll only do it if they can come up with a good story. I remember Johnny Depp and Sam Raimi saying that about Pirates and Spiderman respectively, yet they both did the turd, I mean third, one, despite a obviosu lack of good story. More

Posted by berty2001 at 12:34 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Buy the man a tripod first... please... someone.... anyone. More

Posted by CameronJames at 11:31 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Three great films, but hasn't this story been told in it's entirety? If it's not about regaining his identity, then he's saving the world, and if he's saving the world, then he's surely a colourless Bond........... Ludlum wrote loads of other stuff, and it seems strange that two of his best books; The Road to Gandolfo and The Road to Omaha, (both comedy 'capers' featuring a brilliant retired general called McKenzie Hawkins, 'The Hawk' have never been considered for films................. More

Posted by Frank Comiskey at 10:32 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

The Bourne Conception?
I thought it was made obvious in the last Bourne film that the next would focus on the creation of Bourne. What was he so upset about? Did his wife die in 9/11 and that made him pathologically want to serve his country-something like that... More

Posted by markymark123 at 10:17 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

look Greengrass, just fucking make it OK?! More

Posted by Hughezy at 09:49 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Well, at least they are being sensible about it. If only the produces of the Alien movies or George Lucas had such an outlook, eh? More

Posted by dunkah at 08:26 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Tetralogy. Not Quadrilogy. More

Posted by IcyBee at 08:05 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

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