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And The Winners Are...
2008 Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in full

10 March 2008  |  Written by James Dyer  

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You voted in your tens of thousands, we sat up all night counting the ballots and now, bleary eyed and full of pride, we present to you the winners of the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008. In an outstanding year for British cinema, Empire’s readers have recognised our home-grown talent and given it the due it deserves.

Sam Riley’s turn as the tragic musician Ian Curtis in Control was a powerhouse performance richly rewarded with a Best Newcomer gong. And when it comes to getting your funnies, it seems the UK is a-okay as Edgar Wright’s titter-rific Hot Fuzz romping to victory over the likes of the supremely entertaining Superbad and Ratatouille. Even the Sci-Fi section, traditionally the preserve of Hollywood and its big budgets fails to fight off the richly entertaining Stardust.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s 28 Weeks Later took Best Horror (beating off the likes of 30 Days Of Night and Tarantino’s Death Proof) and American Gangster landed Best Thriller. Meanwhile, David Yates grabbed Best Director for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and Control took an award for aural excellence with the Best Soundtrack prize.

The big winner in your eyes was Atonement, which received the Best Actress (Keira Knightley), Best Actor (James McAvoy) and Best British Film accolades. Best Film, though, did not go to Joe Wright’s opus but rather to Paul Greengrass’ awesome The Bourne Ultimatum.

So, all in all, it’s a big pat on the back for the British film industry and a very big thank you to everybody who voted… the 2008 Sony Ericsson Empire Awards salutes you.

The full list of winners:

Best Newcomer
Sam Riley (Control)

Best Comedy
Hot Fuzz

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Best Horror
28 Weeks Later

Best Thriller
American Gangster

The Sony Ericsson Soundtrack Award

Best British Film

Best Actress
Keira Knightley (Atonement)

Best Actor
James McAvoy (Atonement)

Best Director
David Yates (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)

Best Film
The Bourne Ultimatum

Done In 60 Seconds

Empire Inspiration Award
Guillermo Del Toro

Outstanding Contribution To British Film
Shane Meadows

Empire Icon
Ewan McGregor

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Your Comments

Empire Awards Are the Best
I am from the United States and I agree with the Empire readership about the winners. My favorite TV shows, movie, and music are from the UK. I plan to subscribe to your magazine. I hate Hollywood blockbuster movies with a passion. I am so glad James McAvoy won Best Actor. He is so talented and deserves to win. I was really upset about Joe Wright gettting snubbed at the Oscars. They are a joke anyway. Atonement is by far my favorite drama movie. I am also glad that "Hot Fuzz" won be More

Posted by Kimmycat24 at 17:21 on 18 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: And The Winners Are...
Transformers screwed again?! Damn! More

Posted by Ecthelion at 00:54 on 12 March 2008 | Report This Post

Titanic? With the paper boat?!
Those guys must have a lot of friends, cos they sure didn't have the best film. Speed was awesome and should definitely have won - and Dambusters should have been a finalist. More

Posted by legaleagle at 23:15 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Who reads Empire then????
Rob Brydon this time round. I have to say the way the awards were presented were a bit strange. Showing the films/actors up for the said award and then having the person to read out the winner get up out of their seat and move through the crowd. More

Posted by James2183 at 22:27 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Who reads Empire then????
l Bailey host the awards again? More

Posted by Dave B at 22:23 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

Who reads Empire then????
Seriously who reads Empire nowadays if these are the winners that have been voted for? Best acting awards to Atonement? Best directing for Harry Potter? I'm waiting to be told this is all some sick joke being played on me More

Posted by tocororo at 12:52 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

was hoping for at least 1 award for Zodiac but it still was a more fun award ceremony then oscars/baftas More

Posted by plum bob at 08:24 on 11 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Get your own opinion!
C'mon 'hughjass', we all know that "Ikea Knightley" is Mark Kermode's phrase which is only funny when he says it and isn't even true. I'll admit that many things she does are rubbish, but she can act when properly directed, as Joe Wright has showed us twice now. More

Posted by cdjwfan at 22:39 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Meh...
i was really looking forward to this, i avoided the news reports and most of empireonline for today even, but i have to say im really gutted at how bad these awards are. i know theyre vited for by the readers and all, but what does that say about us? for the record its mainly best director thats bothered me. More

Posted by adambatman82 at 22:33 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

4 of the things I voted for won, and one of them was Titanic... Disappointed Bourne didn't get a nom for best soundtrack.David Yates best director...?!This reeks of block brit voting!Put aside your patriotic tendencies!Vote for the best...Hot Fuzz, James McAvoy and 28 Weeks Later deserved winners though More

Posted by crimebusterofthesea at 20:58 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: stop monaing
Who the hell voted for IKEA Knightly?! She's awful in everything she does! Wouldn't be so bad if she was a looker! Eat some pastries and cakes darlin! More

Posted by hughjass at 18:27 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

stop monaing
please people that's the goal of voting: the majority win and if you are not agree well obviously you were less than the majority. At least the winners are movie we do have heard of (not like Cannes' winner) More

Posted by mallou at 17:36 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Stupid double post More

Posted by Jack'sSmirkinRevenge at 15:26 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

This just shows that just because you read a film magazine doesn't mean you have any taste, or know anything about film. People who voted for anything to do with Atonement, American Gangster, Stardust and Harry Potter - Shame on you!! More

Posted by Jack'sSmirkinRevenge at 15:16 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

WHAT THE?! I'm sorry but that is all wrong, why on earth should Keria Knightley win best actress and Sam Riley as best newcomer? I voted for Shia Labeouf and Cate Blanclett, they are the best and why on earth is the Bourne movie win best film?! Bad pickings, I have to say. If it went my way, everyone would agree. Someone must have bad taste! More

Posted by joanna likes films at 14:09 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

i do not believe these decisions were made from public vote, if they were then i think we're a bunch of tasteless nonces... Knightley?, ahhh c'mon!???!! More

Posted by apemail at 14:03 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

utter pants - the worst I've ever seen - who votes for these again? Utterly maddening! Kiera knightley cant act - bleh More

Posted by okayeoiny at 13:11 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

I didn't know the entire readership of the Daily Mail voted. More

Posted by romerozombie at 12:53 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

YEYAAAA Hot Fuzzz! More

Posted by fog at 02:27 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Blame the people who voted, surely? More

Posted by phaeton at 00:22 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

finally Control wins something , Sam won against Shia ! More

Posted by ARC121 at 00:20 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Sorry but 90% of your choices are total rubbish... what mindless piffle. you're playing up to the vain talentless idiots you declare champions... More

Posted by apemail at 00:17 on 10 March 2008 | Report This Post

Joe Wright misses out on best director! What an effing joke. More

Posted by Eomer_King at 23:37 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Not released in '07: disqualified! - fit with the awards season!
I assume that a lot of the films that dominated the awards season didn't count on this list because they weren't released in the UK in 2007 - if that's the case, why don't Empire move their awards show to January, so it doesn't seem to neglect the oscar-lauded films? It just seems wrong that in one of the best years for cinema, a lot of the great films aren't included. We all know they're not going to make the cut for next year's awardshow when everyone's forgotten about them . More

Posted by spikespiegel at 23:20 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

5 words
Emma Watson should have won. More

Posted by laurenc93 at 23:15 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Keira Knightley! ha! More

Posted by Driver 8 at 23:07 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Rubbish, Shia Labeouf should've won best new comer. very disapointed! but the others were good. More

Posted by barham1000 at 22:56 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

good over all, although American Gangster? Really? There were FAR superior films out there, it only won thanks to you star fuckers out there thinking if you vote for a Ridley Scott film staring Washington and Crowe they'll come round and blow you! Good to see McAvoy getting some recognition at last. More

Posted by clarkkent at 22:50 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

best director.. David Yates?! FUCK THAT! i know which award show i won't be watching tomorrw night. fuckin rubbish. More

Posted by Hughezy at 22:33 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

startdust at last
Very pleased with 28 weeks later and bourne and very very pleased with Stardust, at last recognition. American Gangster: NOOO! and also not sure about the Icon, but again, we voted for this, so must be some truth in here. Again: Stardust jeej! More

Posted by mejaars at 22:16 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

L: parttimepunk What the fuck Empire. now uproar uproar i say More

Posted by David Dvd 1988 at 22:09 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

What the fuck Empire. More

Posted by parttimepunk at 21:55 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Are you really serious? Almost half of the winners were completely wrong! How could the Bourne Ultimatum be the Best Film, but not the Best Thriller? How it should have gone was for Jesse James to win Best Film and for Bourne to get the Thriller award. Another thing, every other soundtrack on the list was better than Control's, Saoirse Ronan was by far the Best Newcomer and in fairness, David Yates? I ask you. Will Joe Wright ever get any recognition? More

Posted by cdjwfan at 21:05 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Not a great night at all.....glad titanic got the 60 seconds awards but everything else best director david yates who in there right mind voted for him? Moi i went for greengrass don't know how he lost! More

Posted by David Dvd 1988 at 21:04 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Is this a joke ?
I this a joke ? More

Posted by jcallan at 20:41 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Done in 60 seconds
Speed or Rambo should have won. More

Posted by Ricorodrigeuz at 20:38 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Not too fantastic
Glad to see James McAvoy getting recognition. Woop woop for that. Regards to the soundtrack I agree with film_fan. And also...Stardust as best sci-fi? Last but not least HURRAH for Bourne winning Best Film More

Posted by mins at 20:23 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Speed was clearly the best short there, a shocking mistake, shocking More

Posted by lynee at 20:23 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Not too fantastic
But not too shabby either, so i guess that's how it goes. Glad to see Atonement getting something for once. More

Posted by Ethanial at 19:52 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Good choices
seems the public are just as clueless as the academy and assination of Jesse James grand total of nothing.  More

Posted by Dave B at 19:37 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Good choices
I agree with most of the winners, with the exeption of soundtrack going to Control instead of Hairspray, and David Yates winning Best Director. More

Posted by film_fan_3000 at 19:19 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

Outstanding contribution to British cinema - Shane Meadows HAHAHAHAHAHA, More

Posted by CameronJames at 18:59 on 09 March 2008 | Report This Post

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