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First Pictures Of Wanted
Jolie And McAvoy are gun happy

30 October 2007  |  Written by Olly Richards  

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Universal have supplied us with the first pictures from Wanted, Timor Bekmambetov's (Night Watch) upcoming action movie, based on Mark Millar's graphic novel series.

The film stars James McAvoy – officially nicest and most delightfully Scottish man in the world – as Wes, a disaffected office drone with a boss who hates him and a girlfriend who ignores him*. That is until he meets the aptly named assassin Fox, played by Angelina Jolie.

Following the murder of Wes's father, Fox recruits him to join the Fraternity, a secret society that teaches Wes to unlock powers of lightning reflexes, enormous speed and above average sexiness. But, as with any mysterious sect, the Fraternity is not all it seems.

Bekmambetov has already shown that he has no shortage of ideas for action sequences with Night Watch and Day Watch. Those films were a little lacking in overall coherence, but we're pumped to see what he can do with a proper Hollywood budget and the combination of Jolie and McAvoy is one that excites us in all possible ways – that's a lot of charisma to fit on one screen. The premise of the original Wanted comic book series, which we haven't actually read, is said to take inspiration from across the DC universe sounds like juicy material too. Very excited to see how this one turns out.

Wanted is out in the UK on April 4, 2008.

*Any similarities to Empire staff members are entirely coincidental

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Your Comments

Still remember
I still remember the studio boss saying how it was going to be such a great film for all the family when it first was announced. This is Millars rare decent comic book which is no way right for all the family. also what has happened to Angelina Jolie? From the look of the picture the wight of her head is threatening to snap her incredibly skinny neck. More

Posted by sanchia at 19:34 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

this movie
has been changed to much from the graphic novel, they shoulda kept it the same. millers version of it was artistic enough to not change it anymore. so yeah thanks HOLLYWOOD for ruining comic movies once again first daredevil, then punisher, then xmen...and the list goes on. And for anyone who thinks different, how can you call yourself a comic fan stories shouldnt be changed. More

Posted by xisaacx at 16:49 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

another comic book turned into a movie which is probably going to be absolute shit. people say oh there are times the graphic novel went overboard? wtf NO IT DIDNT. theres no such thing as overboard in comics IT ADDS to the story. the fact that this movie is going to be toned down for an audience makes me not want to see it, its going to suck. More

Posted by xisaacx at 16:47 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

Just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler...Morgan Freeman with a gun! More

Posted by TufnellStHubbins at 14:58 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

I can't wait.
Mr & Mrs Smith was hJolie's best film in ages and McAvoy can rock the action (see Children of Dune). Nightwatch was one of the most original looking films of recent years. I can't wait. More

Posted by tamsyn at 13:40 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

Whoa! This looks good! I really like James Mcavoy and he looks stunning yet in fighting mode in this. I can't wait to see this, full of action and possiably a romance for James and Angelina. More

Posted by joanna likes films at 13:34 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

Reminds me of Remo:Unarmed and Dangerous More

Posted by asw at 11:25 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

Matrix Remade
A visual rich and inventive move where a lonely office worker meets sexy, mysterious woman who introduces him to a secret society and leads to him learning superhuman capabilities - sound familiar. Here's hoping that the story is as well told and not like a couple of disappointing sequels I can think of. More

Posted by Burglarman at 10:25 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

Very nice pictures!
McAvoy is a great choice of lead, and he improves on the one thing that I didn't really like about the comic: the fact that Wesley looks exactly like Eminem. More

Posted by mattchoman at 09:31 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

L: Eckmi It is Top Cow but the Superheroes in the story are riffs on DC characters sp; Ah ok, that makes sense. Thanks. I do believe Empire got a scoop. Every other news piece is linking back to here. More

Posted by livila at 03:38 on 30 October 2007 | Report This Post

RE: RE:Interesting....
I re-read this again recently. It's as dark as ever. Good cast and good choice of director. Be interesting to see how that translates to film, especially the last two pages. But whoever it was who said it came out before The Matrix.....nope, sorry. It didn't. It was 2003/2004 as I remember it. More

Posted by VincentHanna at 22:16 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

It is Top Cow but the Superheroes in the story are riffs on DC characters e.g. The guy who is their "Superman" ends up a crippled old man in a wheelchair who believes himself to only have played the character in films; and his arch nemesis is similar to Lex Luthor, with that gang of villains also resembling other enemies of Superman. And if you don't get to the end of the comic (the last few pages) then you don't get the real message of the book More

Posted by Eckmi at 21:14 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

RE: Empire haven't read wanted?
I am pretty sure it will be very toned down for a Hollywood audience.   I have read the graphic novel, and it is extremely dark, but at the same time tongue in cheek. There are times the graphic novel did go overboard though, with the supposed protangonist killing and raping at will. Its about a world where the Supervillians defeat the Superheroes and control reality. Its a fun concept with plenty of potential. I have seen they have changed alot just by looking at the pictures. More

Posted by Mr Terrific at 21:10 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

Empire haven't read wanted?
Well be warned - it is some seriously sick shit. I didn't read the whole thing - why would I when glancing through the first issue made me feel ill? The Fox slaughters a whole restaurant of innocent people including children just to get Wes' attention. Later, Wes pops off more innocents with a sniper rifle while narrating something like 'you don't realise how much you hate other people until you see them squirming in your sights'. The premise is basically no-one would use superpowers to benefit More

Posted by emanjake at 20:34 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

DC? It's a Top Cow comic isn't it? Nice pics. Haven't seen David O'Hara in a movie in ages. More

Posted by livila at 20:26 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

Gusbuster, how the fuck does it sound like the Matrix? WOW an office worker becomes a superpowered killer. Very little similarity to the Matrix (and as the comic was released before the Matrix any similarities should be The Matrix sounds like this) Cool pictures though, seriously looking forward to the trailer More

Posted by clarkkent at 19:42 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

RE: First Pictures Of Wanted
I'm very intrested in this film seeing as, if it's released on time i'll probably go see this for my birthday. The pictures do look very cool and I eagerly await a trailer. More

Posted by BatFan at 19:37 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

Sounds a bit Matrixy... but in a good way. Looks pretty cool More

Posted by gusbuster at 19:31 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

How much does Angelina Jolie look like Eva Green in those photos, it's creepy More

Posted by CameronJames at 19:20 on 29 October 2007 | Report This Post

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