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2006 Awards Winners Announced!
The Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in full

13 March 2006  |  Written by   

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Well, it’s over. The 2006 Sony Ericsson  Empire Awards swung harder than Louis Armstrong on a waltzer tonight and, when the smoke cleared, Episode III and Pride And Prejudice had each scooped two awards, while King Kong landed the big prize of Best Film.
Thandie Newton followed her BAFTA triumph with the Best Actress award for her turn in Crash, while Johnny Depp hooked Best Actor from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Nick Park and Steve Box won Best Director for their Oscar-winning success, Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were Rabbit.
Tony Curtis’ ‘The Persuaders’ co-star Roger Moore presented him with the Empire Lifetime Achievement Award. The screen legend, whose seven decade career had highlights with Spartacus and Some Like It Hot among other greats, received a standing ovation and was, quite understandably, deeply moved by the honour.
Stephen Frears was also honoured, winning the Inspiration Award for a career that has been stuffed full of variety and included My Beautiful Laundrette, Dirty Pretty Things and, most recently, Mrs Henderson Presents. The Harry Potter films were likewise bestowed with an honorary award for their contribution to cinema, which was gratefully received by producer David Heyman and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Exclusive Sony Ericsson Empire Awards coverage
Click here for all the winners, exclusive video, quotes and more.
The winners in full:

Best Newcomer
Leo Gregory (Stoned)
Kelly Reilly (Mrs. Henderson Presents/Pride & Prejudice)
Georgie Henley (The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
James McAvoy (The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe)
Nathan Fillion (Serenity)

Sony Ericsson Scene Of The Year
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit — ‘The Dogfight’
War Of The Worlds — ‘The Arrival’
The Descent — ‘The Attack Of The Crawlers’
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith — ‘The Birth Of Vader’
Crash — ‘The Car Rescue’

Best Comedy
The Wedding Crashers
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
The League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse
Team America: World Police
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Best Thriller
The Constant Gardener
Sin City
Batman Begins
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
A History Of Violence

Best Horror
The Skeleton Key
The Descent
Land Of The Dead
Wolf Creek

Best Sci-fi / Fantasy
King Kong
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Best Director
Steven Spielberg — War Of The Worlds
Peter Jackson — King Kong
Christopher Nolan — Batman Begins
Ron Howard — Cinderella Man
Nick Park and Steve Box — Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
Joe Wright — Pride & Prejudice

Best Actor
Christian Bale — Batman Begins
Johnny Depp — Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Andy Serkis — King Kong
Matt Dillon— Crash
Viggo Mortensen — A History Of Violence

Best Actress
Naomi Watts — King Kong
Keira Knightley — Pride & Prejudice
Thandie Newton — Crash
Renée Zellweger – Cinderella Man
Hilary Swank — Million Dollar Baby

Best British Movie
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
The Descent
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
Pride & Prejudice
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Best Film
King Kong
War Of The Worlds
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
Sin City

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Your Comments

I'm glad to see others outraged by Serenity's lack of awards, especially the best newcomer award- that should have gone to the Fillion, no doubt in my mind. Also a little sad that Joss didn't get shortlisted for director. More

Posted by sinead at 16:44 on 20 March 2006 | Report This Post

Its not that i hate George lucas...
Kudos for giving Johnny Depp an award (he should be given an award for most of his films). However, as much as I loved King Kong, I think that Crash should have won. Also I think that Wallace and Gromit should have won best British Film and Star Wars should not have won any. So for the next ceremony can you please have a moment where you shoot George Lucas from a Cannon into the Sun. A pun involving ‘the force be with you’ phrase is optional. More

Posted by misterbrightside at 17:10 on 15 March 2006 | Report This Post

Why aren't the awards being shown on TV? Empire better have filmed the ceramony and give it to us a free DVD with the next magazine. More

Posted by Hughezy at 22:29 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

More Nathan Fillion!!
I feel so strongly about this it deserves another post!! Everyone loved Serenity, as we all know, but it would have been rubbish without the perfect Nathan Fillion working off of Wheedon's excellent script. Robbed, I thell thee!! Robbed! More

Posted by Movie_Manic at 21:45 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Nathon Fillion!!
Best newcomer to that-girl-in Pride & Prejudice?! Against the legend that is Nathan Fillion? what is WRONG with you people?! that said, the rest are good... though i must say, it doesnt make much sense that King Kong got Best Film, yet lost out to Star Wars (as it should've) in the Sci-fi/Fantasy catagory... More

Posted by Movie_Manic at 21:37 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Why, why, why did King Kong win best film guys???? (The amount of plot holes and the general lack of plausability on it's own should have prevented it from even being nominated.) Star Wars beats it in the Sci Fi/ Fantasy catagory and Jackson doesn't win Best Director.... yet it's still the best film of the year? Mmmm........ And why didn't Hillary Swank win best Actress????? (I think Thandie Newton won only because she is a British actress in a controversial American film.) Why didn't Wallace More

Posted by Memoirs of Maria at 19:23 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

RE: Upwards Descent
Obligatory "Serenity gets NOTHING?!" post, please feel free to imagine a witty and meaningful post here. More

Posted by SpooForBrains at 13:24 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Upwards Descent
The Descent winning Best Horror? Nice one.well it didn't REALLY have much competition.Land of the Dead was plain crap,Skeleton Key was a snoozefest,and Wolf Creek was good but no-where near as scary or exciting than The Desecent. Mr. Marshall we salute you for being the TRU SAVIOUR OF HORROR!!! Keep it up :) More

Posted by psalm666 at 12:19 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

i liked Episode 3
but what happened Serenity? i'm not talking to the writers but the people who voted-King Kong? come on people, it wasn't that good. considering what Jackson could have accomplished with the promise in LOTR it was definatly a disappointment. it might hint that outside of adaptations Jackson can only make gory, funny trash horror flicks which are all well and good but don't justify his monumental budget More

Posted by Rock Lobster! at 11:51 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Mixed bag
Most of these are worthy winners, but having said that, most of them I disagree with as well. First of all, standard moan, "Serenity"'s obviously the film of the year, much as I adored "King Kong", "Star Wars" etc, and it's clearly the greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy filmof the year. This voting maybe reflects the amount of idiots who didn't see it in the cinema and will hopefully discover it on DVD. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is clearly in no way superior to " More

Posted by oneslayerlover at 08:47 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

King Kong was poo!
You have all gone mad. Fact. that is all. More

Posted by papalazarou at 08:19 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

I think its bull crap
How does King Kong beat out Star Wars ? It makes no sense at all I demand a recount More

Posted by cinnamon415 at 02:26 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

What The!!!!!!!!!!
Star Wars III, King Kong - All were very pretty to look at. However, where was the originality? All very boring in the end. Nothing you would want to watch again. No surprise then they haven't been accepted for any prestigious awards. The people who won have probably looked at their Empire Awards and thought "So what"? More

Posted by whambam79 at 02:03 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

I agree with Chicken_Little!
What the hell?! KONG SUCKS!! pure and simple, Jackson screwed up people, admit it and accept it!!! More

Posted by badrabbit at 00:28 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Tony Curtis!
I had no idea you were giving an award to Tony Curtis! I would have given my left and right arm to be there for that. Well played Empire, nice to see a movie star from some wonderful old films in the limelight. Mr Curtis, I salute you. Some Like It Hot is sublime! More

Posted by Shawlord at 00:07 on 14 March 2006 | Report This Post

Theres a lot of movies that I found hard to even vote for, as in one catagory there be 4 movies that I really liked, for example, for best movie, I loved Sin City, King Kong, Episode III and War of the I cant argue really... More

Posted by Shleee at 23:20 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Why Serenity?
I saw this film for free, thanks to a free cinema ticket in free newspaper, Metro. Yes, I'll admit I'm a Star Wars fan, but not fanatically so and enjoy sci-fi in general. Yet I didn't believe Serenity was superior to Revenge of the Sith. In some aspects (acting and dialogue, namely) Serenity was great, but overall I preferred the epic scope of Revenge. More

Posted by AmirReza at 23:08 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

you can't stop the signal!!!!
Tell me please although i do have an undying love for the star wars films.Why so few honours or even nominations for Joss Wheadon and Serenity.The magazine raved and i know there are many a fan out there so come on show your surport!! More

Posted by waggle at 22:55 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Best Sci-Fi
Serenity should easily have won best sci-fi, the sheer amount of reviews that mentions how it outdid Ep III it should have been a no brainer. More

Posted by Happenstance at 22:51 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

War of The Worlds Missing out
I quite disappointed that War of the Worlds didn't at-least get some recognition for the effects. I thought It stood a chance of snapping up the best scene award. The first tripod emerging was amazing and I think deserved credit in this category More

Posted by SpudGun at 22:39 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

oh the joy, Kiera poutly didnt win fuck all at anything this year, hmmm i wonder y? oh yes becasue shes SHIT!!!!! and Empire oh how we worship thy descion of best comedy and Thriller! not as happy with Best film and how coulda Wallace and Gromit not have won Best british! ah well cant have em all can ya? More

Posted by lolita37 at 22:33 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

King Kong?
Is this a joke? Best film? What the hell are these people smokinhg? More

Posted by Chicken_Little at 22:27 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Serenity deserves more! Star Wars sucked compared to the other films in it's catagory. More

Posted by ps2gether at 22:23 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Congratulations to all the winners! More

Posted by smila darcy at 22:18 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Serenity goes away empty handed, what an outrage! Best Sci/fi, one of the wittiest scripts, great cast, Natahan Fillion not even nominated for best actor? can't help but think that the story may have been differnet if the dvd had been released sooner. Either that or Universal should have done a better job promoting it. More

Posted by Fletcher at 22:10 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Team America is awful, Nathan Fillion wins nothing, and Wallace and Gromit win stuff, fickle little idiots! More

Posted by Ethanial at 21:57 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

How the smurf?
How the smurf does Star Wars lose to Kong on best film but wins best Sci-Fi/Fantasy...? Star Wars deserves everything - didn't the power of the dark side work on Empire's judges? Very glad Team America won best comedy - DURKA! More

Posted by Grover at 21:50 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

nowhere near enough acclaim for Serenity here, other than i'm not too disapointed... seriously though Nathan Fillion was robbed!! More

Posted by raiden5328 at 21:09 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Best Actor
How on earth can you give Jonny Depp the Best Actor award for one of his worst performances. Admittedly he is probably head and shoulders above the rest and if you take his output as a whole he certainly deserves the accolaid. But for 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More

Posted by Steffs at 21:04 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

Why do i feel that the Empire awards are the only awards which i actually agree with WHATSOEVER?! More

Posted by Silvertouch at 21:02 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

glad to see star wars winning 2 awards as it was ignored by every other awards ceremony. really glad king kong winning best picture. it really deserved it. More

Posted by PhiLdO90 at 20:59 on 13 March 2006 | Report This Post

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