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New Rumblings Of Original Star Wars Trilogy Remaster
18 August 2014
New Rumblings Of Original Star Wars Trilogy Remaster
Han Solo will shoot first - again!
These rumours have been causing ripples in the Force for a while now, but the sleuths at reckon they now have definitive word that the undadulterated, non-Special Edition original Star Wars trilogy is finally undergoing the Blu-ray remaster ...... Read more

Ving Rhames Returns For Mission: Impossible 5
18 August 2014
Ving Rhames Returns For Mission: Impossible 5
The franchise stalwart rejoins Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and co
Throughout the Mission: Impossible franchise, there have been two constants. The first is Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, dangling from a thing and looking good doing it. The second is Ving Rhames' Luther Stickell, laughing the laugh of the one man who has ...... Read more

New Trailer For Open Windows
18 August 2014
New Trailer For Open Windows
Voyeurism 101 with Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood's work ethic shows no signs of faltering. This year alone he's been a part of Set Fire To The Stars, Cooties, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (as producer only), mini-series Over The Garden Wall and TV comedy Wilfred. Somewhere in there he al...... Read more

Dumb And Dumber To Spoofs Lucy With New Posters
16 August 2014
Dumb And Dumber To Spoofs Lucy With New Posters
If only Harry and Lloyd could use their brains...
If you have the most thoroughly brain-free comedy of the year to promote, what better way to do so than by spoofing Lucy, a hit film that is all about expanding your mind? That’s the clever idea behind these latest posters for Dumb And Dumber To, la...... Read more

Jim Sturgess And More Up For Geostorm
16 August 2014
Jim Sturgess And More Up For Geostorm
Abby Cornish and Ed Harris may also join the Gerard Butler thriller
With Gerard Butler aboard to lead his new sci-fi thriller Geostorm, director Dean Devlin has been busy rounding up the rest of the cast. He now has Jim Sturgess, Abby Cornish, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia making deals to appear.In the future-set story, Butle...... Read more

Paul Giamatti Joins Straight Outta Compton
16 August 2014
Paul Giamatti Joins Straight Outta Compton
He'll play NWA's manager
Paul Giamatti is not necessarily the first person you might imagine joining the cast of Straight Outta Compton, the story of influential rappers N.W.A. But director F. Gary Gray needs someone to play Jerry Heller, and Giamatti fits the bill.Heller was the...... Read more

Those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stay Top Of The US Box Office
16 August 2014
Those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stay Top Of The US Box Office
The Expendables fails to land a punch
American audiences were clearly ready for another dose of Turtle power this weekend because Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saw off new competition from the likes of Let’s Be Cops, The Expendables 3 and The Giver to squat at the top of the US box offic...... Read more

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