Zu : Warriors From The Magic Mountain (1983 Review

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Ti Ming Chi is a disillusioned soldier in fifth century China, which is in the grip of numerous civil wars. To escape death he jumps into a crevice in the mountain, but soon finds himself in a magical world and becomes the apprentice of Ting Yin a spiritual warrior. He also encounters the monk Hsiao Yu, and along with one of Yu's disciples heads off to save the world.


Made In Hong Kong this fantasy epic from Hark Tsui's sees a disillusioned soldier (Yuen Biao), in a fifth century China scarred by civil war, find himself adrift in the Magic Mountain, an evil domain inhabited by ghosties and demons. He hooks up with a couple of "righteous masters", (plus their disciples) and begins a mission to quash the evil Blood Monster and save the world. Plotwise, it's obviously hokey in the extreme, but it's action adventure the way it should be: endless invention, nutty energy and comedic moments all shot through with a genuine fairy tale feel.

Huge fun.