Young at Heart Review

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The three daughters of the musical Tuttle family all fall for newcomer Alex, who is personable and charming, though it's Laurie to whom he becomes engaged. But when Barney comes onto the scene to help with some musical arrangements, he decided that laurie is a challenge, and things become complicated.


More than any other studio, Warner Bros believed in the maxim: if at first you do succeed, try, try again. Thus this musical remake of Fanny Hurst's Four Daughters, with Doris Day and Frank Sinatra spectacularly miscast as a married couple moping in a big-city tenement.

She misses her roses-round-the-door New England neighborhood, he's a sorehead loser who feels especially low when the presents are being handed out in Doris' friendly family home. Good songs, mind, including Someone To Watch Over Me, One For My Baby and Just One Of Those Things.

Enjoyable as Doris Day usually is, this is syrup-sweet but doesn't stick in the memory after viewing.