Only Yesterday Review

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A 27 yr old office worker recalls her childhood in Tokya as she travels through the countryside on vacation.


Proving that there’s more to Studio Ghibli than Hayao Miyazaki, this Isao Takahata-directed movie is a gorgeous paean to both childhood and the quiet, rural life. It follows Taeko, a 27 year-old office worker on her way to the country to enjoy a holiday in the fields, and also her ten year-old self as she negotiates the academic and personal minefield of fifth grade, from bad grades to first crushes.

It’s stunningly beautiful, and provides one of the most realistic ten year-olds in any form of literature, perfectly capturing the insecurities, hopes and enthusiasms of the age. While the 27 year-old sections aren’t quite as effective, they’re still realistic enough to keep you watching.

Be sure to keep watching as the credits roll for a magical, satisfying ending.

Beautifully shot and played, this is a touching drama with a sprinkle of magic.