The Yes Men Fix The World Review

Image for The Yes Men Fix The World

Political vigilantes pose as insiders in various companies and corporations that they believe guilty of wrong-doing, to cause mayhem and make valid points.


Political activists, hoaxers, a thorn in the corporate world’s side — The Yes Men are all these things and more. This, their second documentary, follows the duo as they pose as big-business insiders, talking their way into boardrooms in order to undermine the company ethics they loathe.

At one point they inveigle their way onto BBC World as representatives of Dow Chemical to highlight their part in the Bhopal catastrophe — and wipe two billion US dollars off the company’s share price in the process. Then again, it is the BBC’s mantra that its programming educates and entertains; The Yes Men do both.

Entertainment that tickles the justice-for-all glands.