Yella Review

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A car crash and a dodgy deal combine to create the mother of all out-of-body experiences.


The post-Reunification parable has become a familiar feature of German cinema and Christian Petzold explores the moral consequences of the East-West merger in this metaphysical drama.

Abandoning bankrupt husband Hinnerk Schönemann, Nina Hoss gets a taste for venture capitalism after she accepts an invitation from loner shark Devid Striesow to ride shotgun on a dodgy deal.

Hoss becomes enamoured of her mercurial partner, as he seems to offer protection from Schönemann, who has been stalking her since careering their car off a bridge to prevent her leaving for Hanover. However, Petzold undermines the cynicism and edgy unpredictability by resorting to a climactic deceit.

The consequences of Reunification are explored in this effective metaphysical thriller.