Year Of The Dog Review

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A secretary's life changes in drastic ways after her beloved pooch goes to doggie heaven.


Don’t believe the trailers - this is not a cheery comedy. It is, in fact, a quietly disturbing tale of one woman’s nervous breakdown following the death of her beloved dog.

When pooch Pencil dies in an accident, spinster Peggy (Molly Shannon) gets involved in animal-rights causes and starts trying to do her bit for the world’s strays.

The gentle laughs you’d expect from Shannon and writer-director Mike White are all present and correct - but the film takes a turn for the sinister as Peggy’s quest leads her to more extreme animal-rights activities.

As a character study, it’s compelling, and there are fantastic supporting turns from John C. Reilly and an excellent Laura Dern, but this is far from fluffy fun.

The trailer suggests a cheery comedy but brace yourself for some darkness in this shaggy dog story.