X: Night Of Vengeance Review

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Teenage Runaway (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) is about to begin her life as a call girl, whilst Holly (Viva Bianca) is planning to retire. After a chance meeting, they end up working together on a job that spirals out of control.


A fledging prostitute gets a baptism of fire in this Australian thriller that falls somewhere between gritty and tawdry. Runaway Shay (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) is recruited by pro Holly (Viva Bianca) for a threesome with a client. The pair end up on the run after witnessing a murder. While there’s flesh aplenty, this isn’t so much an erotic thriller as an insight into Sydney’s seedy underbelly, bursting with grimy drug addicts, lonely old men and cops on the take. The crime plot is suspenseful, and it’s refreshing to see a story about prostitutes trying to rescue each other, rather than waiting for Richard Gere to come along with a bag of money.

Raw, convincing Aussie thriller set on the meaner streets of Sydney.