The Wrong Arm of the Law Review

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With a gang of Australians on the run, committing crime while they're dressed as policemen, it is left to the local officer and the territorial local gangsters to form a temporary alliance and bring down the Australian criminal.


A cosy crime comedy with Bill Kerr, Hancock's old sidekick, heading a gang of Australian villains who commit crimes while dressed as British bobbies, prompting apoplectic copper "Nosey" Parker (Jeffries) and suave scoundrel "Pearly" Gates (Sellers) to join forces against the antipodean interlopers.

Amoral in a genteel sort of way, with one of Sellers' most relaxed comedy performances, and sterling support from the likes of Nanette Newman, John le Mesurier, Dennis Price and a gawky young Bernard Cribbins. Not quite as classic as Two-Way Stretch, the other great Sellers-Jeffries team-up, but still a great afternoon's entertainment.

An enjoyable comedy with the as-ever-reliable Sellers and Jeffries giving standout performances alongside a supporting cast full of English stalwarts such as John Le Mesurier and Dennis Price. No Two-Way Stretch but still very funny in its own right.