Wrinkles Review

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Retired bank manager Emilio (Sheen) is booked into a care home when his memory and faculties start to fail him. There, he falls in with the devil-may-care Miguel and the pair set about making the best of a bad lot.


This grown-up Spanish animation takes on a laudably tough subject, the treatment of the elderly in a care home. It’s seen through the eyes of the new resident (or inmate), voiced by a gentlemanly Martin Sheen in the English dub; George Coe voices his slicker roommate. Based on a graphic novel, the film’s visually unlovely and its depictions of a mundane, winding-down existence, interspersed with a wry humour that doesn’t always come off, can try the attention. But it becomes very affecting, setting the protagonist down the darkest road and challenging the viewer to think, “It could happen to me.”

An unsparing look at the winter of life, salted with humour and emotion.