The Workshop Review

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A documentarian enrols in a course which espouses the virtues of orgies in a person's search to find themselves.


It sounded so promising: a documentarian enrols in a Californian self-realisation workshop run by new ageist Paul Lowe, who believes that having orgies is the only way to ‘find yourself’. He’s not scared of lame platitudes, our Paul. “Who are you?”, he asks ponderously, before triumphantly declaring, “You are you.”

In the hands of a Nick Broomfield, this could have been a searing exposé of the guru industry. But amazingly, Jamie Morgan swallows the crap spoonfed to him by Paul, and tries to make a sort of advert for this “alternative lifestyle”. It fails on all counts, and watching people you suspect need professional help attempt to cure themselves by shagging their way around the room is deeply disturbing.

What should have been an interesting film fails on all counts