Woody Allen: A Documentary Review

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Curb Your Enthusiasm director Robert Weide persistence eventually pinned the great filmmaker down to a documentary that spans his whole career. The story picks up with a young filmmaker feeling his way in '60s New York...


A cutdown from a three-hour PBS special, Bob Weide’s exhaustive but entertaining film traces Woody’s career from his earliest days to Midnight In Paris via rarely seen archive material and an exemplary gallery of talking heads, from his key collaborators to fans like Scorsese. It’s cinematically unadventurous, but as a mixture of intelligent overview and intimate insights into the man — watch him talk about his Olympia portable SM3 typewriter and his literal cutting and pasting — this is terrific. And if you ever wanted to see the World’s Greatest Schlemiel box a kangaroo, this is essential.

A must-see for any Allen aficionado and just about anyone who craves an insight into the publicity-shy man's glorious career.