Comic-Con 2017: Wonder Woman 2 Is Officially Confirmed

In amongst the nerd-tornado of news that emerged from this past weekend's Comic-Con 2017, one story almost got lost in the noise of it all: a sequel to Wonder Woman, until now just a theoretical concept, has now been officially confirmed by Warner Bros.

wonder woman 2

The news is no surprise, of course – the first big-screen outing for Diana Prince was an unabashed smash, earning the best reviews of the DCEU, and the best domestic box-office of the series (though internationally, it still has another $100m or so to catch Batman v Superman's worldwide gross). In the current franchise-friendly climate, a sequel seemed likely even if it didn't surpass all expectations. But it did surpass expectations.

Gal Gadot will certainly be back as the lasso-whipping Amazonian princess, and her director Patty Jenkins is expected to return too, having expressed an interest in a sequel. There's no further official details out there, although speculation in some corners has suggested that the second film would be set in the 1980s, and see Diana Prince battle the Soviets.

In the meantime, Wonder Woman can next be seen battling alongside her DC pals in Justice League, which arrives in cinemas this November. Hall H attendees were treated to an extended sneak peek of that movie which you can watch here.

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