Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? Review

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Successful ad man Rockwell P. Hunter (Tony Randall) needs a sex symbol to endorse a new brand of lipstick. Rita Marlowe (Jayne Mansfield), though, is much more than he bargained for.


From its caustic ad-spoof titles to Jayne Mansfield’s squeaky Monroe parody, Frank Tashlin’s snappy satire is one of the great ‘lost’ studio comedies. In a rare starring role, Tony Randall is Rockwell P. Hunter, “author of television commercials”, who rises to the top, by fair means or foul, only to get a dose of moral vertigo. Under the CinemaScope gloss it is a bitingly sarcastic film, thoroughly jaded with the American consumer dream.

A satire on consumerism and the American dream that still retains its bite.