Wilder Napalm Review

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Two boys who are able to start fires using mind control are shocked when they kill a man and consequently begin to drift apart. One chooses an office job while the other uses his ability to join the circus where he meets his wife. When the circus arrives in their home town the brothers are reunited but soon fall out as the wife has an affair with the other brother.


This poor excuse for a romantic drama-comedy, stars Dennis Quaid who was now beginning to get much less interesting offers after his successful 80’s career and Debra Winger, who after three Oscar nominations, had been at the top of her game but was now picking the more ‘interesting’ roles. In Wilder Napalm Quaid plays a fire-obsessed brother opposite Howard, both with the ability to start fires but staring at something. One joins the rat race while the other joins the circus. When the circus arrives back in town, Howard arrives with his new wife, another circus performer, in tow. The new wife comes in between the brothers when Quaid falls for her and has an affair.

With two stars who were at the peak of their career, it's a bit of a mystery why they chose to appear in such a dreadful film. Although they try to do their best, it's seems both cast and crew gave up half way through.